Applications & Contracts

Applications & Contracts

applications and contracts

Applying for Housing

Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend that you apply for on-campus housing immediately after submitting your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) to UCR.

Review the Contract Process

  • 1 Submit SIR

    After admission, submit your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). The SIR process is done exclusively through your MyUCR account. Once you “SIR,” you will be issued a Student ID Number and Password, which is viewed by logging into MyUCR. Identification numbers may not be available for at least three (3) business days after you SIR.

  • 2 Review Residence Halls

    There are three Residence Halls and a variety of Dining Plans to choose from. Review your options to determine the best package for you.

  • 3 Complete Housing Contract

    Starting March 1, the Residence Hall Contract is available for Fall Quarter. Use your Student ID number to complete a contract for the Residence Halls. All students whose contracts are submitted by May 10 are guaranteed housing.

  • 4 Pay the First Payment

    There is a required $250 First Payment due during submission of your Residence Hall Contract. The Residence Hall Contract cannot be submitted until the First Payment is received.

  • 5 Room and Dining Plan Selection

    Students will be notified prior to June 30 about the room/roommate selection and dining plan selection process by UCR student email and at MyHousing.

  • 6 Room Assignment Confirmation

    Starting September 1, we will confirm room assignment and move-in day details by UCR student email and at MyHousing.

Cancelling Your Contract

Terms & Conditions

Before cancelling any campus Housing Contract or moving out, it is important that you review your Housing Contract and your Resident Handbook concerning financial obligations and proper procedures. Please remember that simply moving out or turning in your keys does not constitute a contract cancellation or release you from contractual obligations. There is a $75.00 processing fee for all contract cancellation requests.

For the Residence Halls and UCR Campus Apartments , your Housing Contract and all financial obligations of it are effective for the entire academic year. The university is not bound to release and generally will not release you from your contractual obligations for any reasons beyond the following:

  • Cancellation of admission or release from UCR student status by UCR for the remainder of the academic year. This does not include voluntarily dropping classes for any particular quarter.
  • Approval of a written request to Housing Services for the substitution of a full-time registered student who lives off campus. It is your responsibility under contract to find an acceptable replacement.

Subleasing: Subleasing is not permitted in UCR Campus Apartment communities.

Residence Halls

(Aberdeen-Inverness, Lothian and Pentland Hills)
All requests to cancel a Residence Hall Contract should be submitted by logging back in to your Residence Hall Contract and clicking the appropriate button on your online dashboard.

UCR Campus Apartments

(Bannockburn Village, Falkirk, Glen Mor, Oban Family Housing, The Plaza, and Stonehaven)
All requests to cancel a UCR Campus Apartments contract should be accompanied by a Contract Cancellation Request Form, available at your Resident Services Office. or the Housing Services Administration Building.

Family Housing

Oban Family Housing contracts are renewable academic year leases that are effective with the move-in date and expire on the following June 30. Leases can be cancelled for any reason at any time while the lease is active by submitting a Contract Cancellation Request form at least 30 days prior to the desired move-out date. Contract Cancellation Request forms are available at and should be submitted to the Resident Services Office (RSO).

Important Things to Know

Extended Stay

If you have an exceptional and verifiable need for continued housing during break periods (e.g. work, research or other valid purpose), contact your RSO no later than two weeks prior to your anticipated need. Additional documentation will be required. There will be an additional daily cost for all extended stays.

Pet Policy

Pets ARE NOT permitted, except fish in a 20 gallon or less aquarium. Keeping a pet is grounds for immediate eviction.


Subleasing is not permitted in Campus Apartment communities. Noncompliance is grounds for eviction.

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