Family Student Housing

Family Student Housing

  A Place for You…A Place for Your Family  

You can find a home away from home for you and your family while you pursue studies at UCR. The community adjacent to the campus offers housing opportunities in a variety of types, sizes and price ranges. Start your search by utilizing the online search services available on our Off-Campus Housing page. Then pick a day to visit some of your favorites in person.

Early Childhood Services

Once you are settled near to campus, UCR Early Childhood Services gives UCR students and affiliates access to affordable, full-day childcare and kindergarten classes. As a licensed and accredited center, ECS serves children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years old. Or, if your children are a bit older, public and private schools are also nearby. Visit ECS for more information.

Some Notes About Canyon Crest Family Student Housing

The 55-acre Canyon Crest Family Student Housing community was originally built in 1940 to house the families of military officers assigned to what was then March Army Air Base. Since it was acquired by UCR in 1955, it has continued to offer UCR students with families one of the most unique opportunities in the UC system to complete their undergraduate or graduate education and raise a family.

After 75 years in service, many major components of the original above- and below-ground infrastructure at the site remain, but have become financially unfeasible to maintain. Canyon Crest Family Student Housing has therefore been deemed past its useful lifecycle and a phase-down of residential operations at the site has begun, effective May 31, 2016.

Canyon Crest Family Student Housing will fully close effective July 14, 2017.

Oban Student Apartments has been identified as an alternative location for Family Housing for the foreseeable future. It will be available for occupancy beginning Fall Quarter, 2017. Please watch this site for more information in early summer about submitting an application for Family Housing at Oban, if desired.

What does this mean for current residents of Canyon Crest Family Student Housing?

If you are a current resident in good standing who expects to graduate and/or move out of Canyon Crest Family Student Housing prior to July 14, 2017, there will be no change to your Family Housing status and there is no need for you to take further action at this time. Regular services will continue to be offered to all current residents (1) through the end of their current contract, (2) until the current Deposit Holder becomes ineligible for Family Housing, or (3) through July 14, 2017, whichever occurs first. Please remember to submit your Notice of Intent to Vacate at the UCR Campus Apartments RSO in advance, once you have planned your departure date.

If you are a current resident in good standing who will continue to be eligible for and need family-style housing beyond July 14, 2017, you will be guaranteed apartment-style housing at our Oban Student Apartments community, if desired. This facility will be upgraded and available to serve as Family Housing before Fall, 2017. Apartment-style housing will be offered at a discount rate, which would escalate over two years until it meets the market rate in year three.

What does this mean for students currently on the Family Housing waiting list?

Oban Student Apartments will be upgraded and available to serve as Family Housing beginning Fall, 2017. Please visit the Oban web page for more information about options and rates for this on-campus apartment community. Interested and eligible student families from the current Family Housing waiting list will be prioritized over new applicants for this new alternative. (Please note that there is no 3-bedroom option at Oban and fire code will restrict the largest Oban apartment to no more than four occupants.)

If your needs are more immediate, or Oban will not be a feasible option, we invite you to utilize resources on the Off-Campus Housing portion of our website to to begin a search for local apartments or homes for rent in the community adjacent to UCR.

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