A Special Message from Julie Salgado,
Special Events & Tours Manager

My name is Julie Salgado and I am the Special Events & Tours Manager for Housing Services. As a UCR alum and current staff member of almost 20 years, I am proud to lead UCR Staff Assembly for the 2017-2018 year! I am excited to be working with such talented staff members and exceptional students.

My favorite memory as a staff member is my first year developing, coordinating and implementing the Housing Tour program. I want to give a special shout out to Grace Hulbert, Kim Del Cid and Dulce Wilkinson who were part of my first cohort. Also, a shout out to Angel Liang and Alejandra Quiroz for such great leadership as student staff.

I see UCR as a three legged stool; we have faculty, students and staff. When we are all pulling in the same direction it creates a sturdy space, and we can make a bigger impact. Vice Chancellor Ron Coley took over Auxiliary Services three years ago and one profound statement he said was “If staff are happy then students are automatically going to be happy.” So it’s my job as President of Staff Assembly to engage staff, offer development opportunities & scholarships and recognize staff when they are going above and beyond.

I love talking with students and when people ask how do stay so youthful I always give credit to the students. You energize me, you give me inspiration and you give me joy!

I look forward to an awesome rest of the year! Good luck this quarter!

Get ready for Tour Week 2018 coming your way! It's your BEST CHANCE to view all of the UCR Campus Apartment communities in person!

Wednesday through Saturday, February 21-24
9am, 11am & 3pm—rain or shine!
Can't make these times?
360º Virtual Tours available 24/7

Tours leave from the UCR Campus Apartments RSO (Bannockburn Village, D102).
Be sure to bring your R'Card!

Applications are now being accepted!
Submit your Priority Housing Application at housing.ucr.edu. Update your preferences after your tour!

Priority application deadline: Friday, March 9

Why I Go to the Rec
By: Aaron Hipolito

Here’s the scenario. You have iLearn opened up, twenty tabs open, and a venti sized Starbucks iced caramel macchiato (or a cold brew from whatever obscure coffee shop that you prefer, because you think that Starbucks isn’t real coffee) sitting on the side that you probably shouldn’t even be drinking ‘cause you know that crash gives you crazy anxiety. You put both of your hands on the side of your head, elbows on the table, and let out the loudest scream that your diaphragm can possibly muster. Your roommates come out of their rooms to find you curled up in a ball, crying hysterically about how you’re gonna fail your midterm tomorrow. A talking cat in a fedora comes up to you and reprimands you for not studying earlier in the quarter.

Alright, that last part might’ve been a hallucination. But I’m sure that everyone can relate to the wooziness and the hysteria that comes with all-nighters filled with crammed material! Material that you’re afraid of forgetting in the morning ‘cause you didn’t get enough sleep. I get it, college is stressful. With class, essays, midterms, work, extracurriculars and everything else that comes with college life, sometimes it's hard to cope. That’s why I go to the Student Recreation Center whenever I’m stressed. The Rec Center is a great place to channel your pent up frustrations about school into something productive. There's a multitude of resources that can be utilized to your advantage. From dance classes, to chair massages, to a rock climbing wall, the world is your oyster the moment you step into the gym. For me personally, I utilize the Rec Center to manage my stress. Whenever I am down, or whenever I feel overwhelmed with the amount of homework that I have to complete I lift weights. I try to find time in my daily routine where I lift for at least a 40 minutes to an hour. It may not seem like a lot of time, but with discipline I can get a lot done and feel better about myself throughout the day because I found time to work out. The better that I feel about my body, and the healthier that I feel, the less stressed I feel about getting my work done. I also use the Rec Center to express my passion for basketball. With three basketball courts on one side of the Rec and one court on the other, I have ample room to practice my game. If there’s an empty hoop I can practice my jumpshot, and if there isn’t I can still practice ball-handling on the side. The best however, is when I can find enough people to play games of 5-on-5, where I can compete with others and really get into the flow of the game that I love. However, the Rec isn’t just for people who are passionate about basketball. There are tennis courts, racquetball courts, indoor soccer, and just about any athletic endeavor that you can think of! If you have a passion for a certain athletic activity and need to get your mind off of school (or life in general) come to the Student Recreation Center and let your troubles fade away!

Owning a car is considered to be one of the pinnacle experiences for any college student. The ability to go wherever you please and take whomever you want all lead to memorable memories that you talk about when you’re older. The stories that invoke laughter, heartache, and a hint of nostalgia. However, you don’t want to have experiences that involve a broken-into car, or that someone stole your laptop from the front seat.

Here are a couple of safety tips provided by law enforcement and AAA to make sure you don’t become a statistic yourself.

  1. Always lock your vehicles and your doors. Don’t leave windows open.
  2. Never leave valuables inside of the car, especially not in a clear view of windows. Hide all items of high value such as laptops, iPads, sunglasses, wallets, etc.
  3. Never leave your keys in your vehicle.
  4. Don’t hide a spare ignition key in your vehicle, or around it.
  5. Use anti-theft or automatic tracking devices to deter thieves from targeting your vehicle.
  6. Park in well-lit areas at night.
  7. Never leave the vehicle running while you’re not physically inside of it.

While the prospect of having your vehicle stolen or burglarized is never a fun experience, do know that you have resources here at UC Riverside that can help you. Always contact UCPD if you see any suspicious activity, or if you see a vehicle that has been broken into. Let your RSO know if you see any lights that are broken or not working properly. The safety of the community starts with the individual, and by using ROAR we can accomplish this.

For more information, please visit: National Highway Traffic Safety Association, UCPD, and UCR Housing website.

AAA, AAA News, National Insurance Crime Bureau, Traffic Safety Marketing

Friendly Reminder: Walk Your Wheels

Bicycles, mopeds, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, scooters, and other similar devices are not to be used in any housing facility. Additionally, residents and guests must dismount before accessing bridges, pathways, and sidewalks that are designated for pedestrian use (see Student Conduct Policy, 2.06.1).

Walk your wheels for your safety and the safety of others!

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