Happy New Year from Lisa Laws
Assistant Director of Resident Services

Welcome back to your UCR home. We hope you got the most out of your winter break and are now ready to tackle winter quarter.

A new year brings so many opportunities to start fresh. My first year at UCR I lived in A-I. I remember fall quarter as a sensory overload of new academic challenges and social experiences. Winter quarter provided me the opportunity to learn from my academic mistakes of fall quarter and take advantage of the resources available to me. Consider visiting the Housing Services website for academic resources available to you within Housing. And don’t forget the Academic Resource Center on campus.

There is no better time than now to get the most out of your UCR experience. You are going to get out what you put in, so get involved! I joined my sorority Alpha Chi Omega spring quarter of my freshman year when I felt more comfortable being a UCR student. UCR Housing offers great leadership opportunities that also allow you to meet your neighbors. Or, take a look at Student Life where you can join one of the hundreds of existing student organizations or even start your own.

Whatever you do we hope that 2018 is a successful and memorable year. Please do not hesitate to let me know how Housing can help you to make the most of your experience.

Happy New Year!

Lisa Laws
Assistant Director of Resident Services, Housing Services

Getting the most out of your time at UCR:
Tips and tricks from Professor Heather Ford

As a professor at UCR I have taught a number of classes, ranging from a large, introductory science course for non-majors, to small graduate level courses. Most recently I was given the opportunity to lead a CNAS learning community seminar. During the quarter we talked about success in the classroom, setting ourselves up for a rewarding career and techniques for balancing schoolwork and our personal well-being. Below I have provided a summary of the points I think are most helpful.

Time management:
I know, I know. This probably isn’t what you wanted to see at the top of the list. However, time management is an incredibly important skill. My best piece of advice is to use the first week of classes to put every deadline and exam into a planner or calendar. Then, prior to the start of every week refer to your planner and make a to do list that you place in a prominent place.

Study smart: What does good studying look like? Ask yourself if you are able to teach the material to another student. And do it. If you can’t, then you need to re-examine the course material, give yourself additional practice problems, etc.

Knowing when to get help: College is tough and so is being a young adult (I’ve been there). There are often financial, academic, personal, mental or physical health issues that can make it difficult to succeed. Do NOT be afraid to reach out for help. From the Academic Resource Center to Counseling and Psychological Services, UCR has many services for students.

Taking time for yourself:
Enjoy your time at UCR. Get involved in activities and organizations that mean something to you. Look into Study Abroad.

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New Year, New YOU!

New Year's has a way of getting you pumped to make some serious health and fitness changes while simultaneously bogging you down with the pressure to fulfill such resolutions. You might be feeling intimidated, a little unmotivated, and possibly still recovering from the holidays. That’s where the UCR Student Recreation Center (SRC) comes in.

UCR’s expanded SRC is bigger and better than ever — and it’s all yours! Did you know, as a registered UCR student, you are automatically a member of this on-campus, 155,000-square-foot facility? Enjoy these attractions and more:

Don’t forget to download the UCRSRC app today for more detailed up-to-date info on hours and activities!

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Free UC Riverside Athletics Basketball Games

UCR students are admitted to all men’s and women’s home basketball games for free with their student ID. Check out the upcoming schedule for the next home games. All home games are played at the SRC Arena.

Men’s Basketball
- Thursday, January 11th vs. UC Davis 7pm
- Saturday, January 13th vs. Long Beach State 6pm
- Wednesday, January 17th vs. Cal State Northridge 7pm
- Saturday, January 27th vs. UC Santa Barbara 5pm
- Saturday, February 10th vs. UC Irvine 5pm

Women’s Basketball
- Saturday, January 13th vs. Cal State Fullerton 2pm
- Thursday, January 18th vs. Hawaii 7pm
- Thursday, January 25th vs. UC Irvine 7pm
- Thursday, February 8th vs. UC Santa Barbara 7pm

For more information, visit GoHighlanders.com.

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Avoid These Common Financial Mistakes

College is a time of learning and experimenting. Unfortunately, lack of money management skills can cause students to learn about financial planning the hard way.   Here are six common financial mistakes to avoid: 

(1) Borrowing too much

(2)  Not living on a budget

(3)  Relying on credit cards

(4) Stopping the scholarship search 

(5) Skipping class 

(6) Missing deadlines

Read more about each of these points at the link below.

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