Homecoming tradition at UCR goes back to its early days, when UCR had a football program. The campus held an annual parade and student groups would create floats and vote for a Homecoming King and Queen. This tradition continued until the campus discontinued the football program in 1976. UCR won the divisional championship that year … so you can say our football team has been undefeated since 1976!So we did not have Homecoming again until 1982. Students and Student Life decided to try to reprise Homecoming and associate it with our Basketball program. They did not attempt a parade, but decided to have the students vote for a Homecoming King and Queen which was to be announced during halftime. I was working as an Assistant Resident Director at A-I and one of my RAs thought it would be funny to nominate me for Homecoming King. Another ARD at A-I was nominated for Homecoming Queen by one of her RAs. We both thought we did not have a chance to win. However, one of the polling places was in the A-I lobby. Unbeknownst to us, the student staff launched a campaign to have all the residents vote for us … we won by a landslide.I am not sure if the event was considered a success, but I will note that Homecoming was discontinued the following year and did not come back until many years later.Today, Homecoming is a time for the campus to come together … alums, students, faculty and staff … and share in our common experience. I will always see fellow Highlanders I have not seen in a while, along with a core group of friends with whom I go to the games. UCR is a place of care, commitment and comradery … and Homecoming is time to reflect and enjoy!Go Highlanders!
Andy Plumley
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Auxiliary Services
A Special Message from Andy Plumley
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Auxiliary Services 
UCR Dining's Got You CoveredRunning late for class? Stop by the Culinary Chameleon to grab a quick bite to go. Missing those home-cooked meals? Grab a plate or two from Savor at the Market at Glen Mor. You and your friends just can't decide what to eat? The HUB Food Court will satisfy almost any craving. With convenient locations all around campus, UCR Dining's got you covered. Explore your options below:


Residential Dining
• Aberdeen-Inverness Restaurant
• Lothian Restaurant
Food Trucks
• Buku Bowls
• Caffeine Machine
• The Culinary Chameleon
• Moo Moo Truck
• Scotty's Convenience Stores
• SHOP @ Market at Glen Mor
Campus Dining
• Arroyo Vista Buffet
• Bytes
• The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
• The Habit Burger Grill at Latitude Fifty Five
• HUB Food Court
• Ivan's at Hinderaker
• Market at Glen Mor
• Starbucks
• Subway
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Laundry Trouble?Have no fear, your friendly RSO is here! If you encounter any issues with a washer or dryer in your community, please note the machine number and visit the RSO for assistance. RSO staff will submit a service request to WASH directly.Need a refund because a machine charged your card but did not start up?
Call (866) 754-3404 to request a refund. Click the link below for more laundry FAQs!
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Did you know that adding money to your R’Card turns it into a debit card? Use Bear Bucks for all spending needs on campus from any cashier on campus. Bear Bucks can buy both food and supplies. This includes food purchased at all dining operations as well as vending treats, textbooks, UCR gear, and general merchandise. Another benefit is that you can use Bear Bucks to print copies at the WEPA stations. Bear Bucks can also be spent off-campus at certain business locations for fast food dining, toiletries, organic products, even a discount on your next car wash. Check out our off-campus merchant program and promotions here.To add Bear Bucks to your R’Card, login to “My Card Account” at There’s no service fee which means you get the full value of what you deposit and the money never expires.
More Bang for Your (Bear) Buck

The UCR Campus Safety Escort Service (CSES) is safe, easy to use, and free. It’s available to students, staff, faculty and anyone else who needs a safety escort.There are four ways to get a safety escort:
  • Call the dispatcher at (951) 827-3772.
  • Pick up any red phone on campus that reads “Campus Safety Escort Service” and it will automatically connect you to the dispatcher desk or UCPD.
  • Stop by the dispatcher desks at the HUB information desk or Rivera Library to request a safety escort in person.
  • If you see a safety escort on campus (look for the yellow shirt and ID badge), just wave them down and they will walk you to your destination.
Using the Campus Safety Escort Service
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UCR is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. UCR engages in a broad array of activities supporting this goal, including comprehensive training for police and other safety related personnel, disaster and emergency preparedness planning, as well as a host of other activities aimed at preventing problems before they occur.To enhance UCR's emergency preparedness, the campus has employed an emergency communications system that builds on existing methods of information distribution and communication, and will greatly expand UCR's ability to quickly and reliably communicate with students, staff, and faculty in an emergency.UCR encourages everyone on campus to sign up for this new emergency notification service, and also to become aware of the various programs, initiatives, and practices already in place aimed at making the campus be as safe and secure as possible.
UCR Emergency Notification System
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Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) is pleased to offer a point-to-point shuttle service that takes UCR students from the bookstore to their off-campus homes within our Service Area! The point-to-point shuttle provides safe, secure transportation for students from our campus to their off-campus homes only. The transport is one way, with no return transport back to UCR. You must provide the driver with a valid UCR ID card to ride the shuttle.If you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle, please contact Mobility Services by email or at 951-827-3872 a minimum of 24 hours in advance to schedule a pickup.For assistance reaching on campus locations, please use the Campus Safety Escort Service. The Campus Safety Escort Service is available to escort students to the P2P Shuttle Stop and wait with them until the shuttle arrives.Please utilzie the link below for pick up hours, pick up locations, and questions.
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10 Tips for Eating Healthy at the Residential Restaurants
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act Application Available Don't miss out on aid! Make sure to fill out your application before the deadline of March 2, 2019. Keep in mind that some states and schools have limited funds...For eligibility, access to applications, and more information please utilize the link below:
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December 15, 2018 | Residence Halls close at 5:00pm
December 17-21, 2018 | RSO's Open 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
January 6, 2019 |  Residence Halls reopen at 8:00am
Modified RSO Hours
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