Greetings UCR Highlander!

On behalf of our very dedicated Housing Services team and our strategic partners in Dining Services, Residential Life, and Facilities Services, I am excited to welcome you to our Residence Hall community and your new home for 2018-19.

You have not moved into a simple “dormitory.” Your new home is much more than a mere place to eat and sleep. Our teams work hard all year to ensure that the right resources are within easy reach and that as many obstacles as possible are removed so that your journey of self-discovery, higher learning and unforgettable experiences is hindered as little as possible. It is impossible to predict the character of your Residence Hall because that character evolves from year to year based on how student residents like yourself decide to invest themselves, engage in communal activities, and interact with peers. Both in class and back home with us, you are going to be exposed to a larger, more diverse academic, social and cultural world than has probably ever been possible in your life. The challenges and opportunities this will expose are going to shape you for the future and determine how you will shape the future itself.

I myself lived this experience in the very Residence Halls into which you have moved. I benefited enough by it that I wanted to make it my life’s work to continue to foster the kind of supportive, responsive environment that will complement your academic goals and help you create lasting memories. When you decided to live on campus, you really did decide to have the entire university package.

Be sure to let me know how we are doing…how you are doing. And have a great year!

All the Best,

Bob Brumbaugh
Senior Director, UCR Housing Services

Your Resident Services Team

Your Resident Services Office (RSO) provides information about your community and the facilities available to you, maps of the general campus, directions regarding the location of buildings and services, and information about the surroundings of the university. Services Include:

  • Key checkout if you become locked out of your room
  • Mail distribution
  • Equipment checkout (moving carts, tools, billiards)
  • Move-in and move-out information
  • Maintenance and housekeeping requests
  • Temporary meal access (Aberdeen-Inverness and Lothian only)
  • Lost and Found

From assistance to giving directions to your next class, the Resident Services Office is a resource center, helping you each step of the way. Stop by and say "Hi!"

On the go? Save our number on your phone!

Aberdeen-Inverness RSO: (951) 827-5460
Lothian RSO: (951) 827-5972
Pentland Hills RSO: (951) 827-6500

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Get Connected - Access the UCR Network

Register your computer or gaming consoles to gain access to the residential network by clicking the link below. Registration includes a brief education and terms agreement, and is a one-time process. For support, email

BE ADVISED: Downloading of any illegal content, sharing copyrighted materials, visiting unauthorized sites, or installing unauthorized routers or switches can result in your Internet privileges being removed.

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 9 Studying Tips That Boost College Success

1. Do the work.

In certain situations, such as group assignments, you might have the chance to indulge a lazy streak and hide behind the work of other students. It's best to resist that temptation. We all learn better by doing things ourselves. By not taking advantage of every opportunity to learn or practice something new, you only cheat yourself.
2. Minimize useless distractions.
Knowing how to be a successful student means knowing how to put aside things that decrease your ability to concentrate. Studying effectively requires being able to focus only on what's in front of you. So make sure you don't clutter it all up.
3. Find a few different quiet locations.
Changing study locations throughout the day can help you avoid burnout and keep your mind sharp. Choose locations that are isolated enough that you can be alone and free of interruptions. A mixture of indoor and outdoor spots can also help to break up any feelings of boredom.
4. Stand up and explain it out loud.
When trying to learn difficult concepts, it sometimes helps to practice explaining them in your own words. For many students, this process works especially well if they walk around a little while doing it or have someone else present just to listen.
5. Organize your notes.
This is best done during times when you're not studying. Date all of your notes and make sure they are grouped in a logical way within the appropriate class folders. Make sure to include all of the questions you gather while reading, studying, or attending class so that you can easily follow up on them.
6. Seek help right away.
The longer you wait to ask questions or get help when you need it, the harder it becomes to keep up in your classes. So don't shy away from looking for good mentors or study partners. And when you're really feeling stuck, make use of your professor’s office hours. They’re there to help you.
7. Take advantage of UCR's resources.
Beyond office hours, you have other resources in place to help you navigate your learning experience. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) offers several workshops and seminars to help students enhance the skills necessary to be successful as students and lifelong learners. In addition, the UCR Libraries offer an impressive collection and wide array of tools and services to help make the most of your studying.
8. Keep the right tools on hand.
Obvious items like a dictionary and highlighters are important. A laptop or other computing device with access to the Internet is also essential for many college programs. Free online resources like video tutorials, seminars, and classes from other institutions can be invaluable in helping you fill in the gaps of your education or just helping you understand things better.
9. Don't overdo it.
If studying always feels hard to you, then you probably need to change your approach. Many students study too much. It's better to stop as soon as you feel like you have a reasonable handle on the material. If you feel like you're putting in a lot of time and not getting anywhere, it's a sign you need help. The more you try to push on by yourself, the less chance you'll have of grasping what you're trying to learn.

FERPA: Know Your Rights

FER-what? FERPA refers to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. It gives college students the right and responsibility to control access to their educational records. It also gives school officials the shared responsibility of protecting those records. FERPA protects the privacy rights of students by giving college students the rights (with some exceptions) to:

  1. Control the disclosure of their education records to others;
  2. Inspect and review their own education records; 
  3. Seek amendment of their education records; 
  4. Receive annual notification of their rights under FERPA; and 
  5. File complaints with the Department of Education regarding the failure of the institution to comply with FERPA.

UC students have these rights as soon as they enroll or register with an academic program of the University. (Once a student of any age is enrolled in or registered with an institution of higher education, the FERPA rights transfer from the parent to the student.) UC students under the age of 18 are treated as adults for this purpose – they have the same rights as any other student once they enroll or register at UC. For more information about FERPA click the link below.

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Request a Repair Online 

Leaky faucet? Don’t try fixing it yourself! We provide service repairs to your residence and community. Submit a request 24/7 and relax.

If something in your residence malfunctions or breaks, or if you notice something is out of order on the property in general, please submit a service request. Most repairs are completed free of charge. Ask Resident Services Office staff whether or not you may be charged for a particular repair. Service requests are usually completed within 48 hours, depending on availability of materials.

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ROAR: Safety You Can See

ROAR gives a name to the many ways UCR Housing Services is actively providing for the safety and security of our communities and community members. The goals of ROAR are to increase awareness and empower individuals to take an active role in ensuring their own safety and that of others in their community.

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Care Package Program

Residents be sure to let your families know that Housing Services is sponsoring a care package program run by SWAKU. 

SWAKU is an optional program that enables families to order individual care packages or enroll in multi-event package plans. For pricing and package delivery click the link below.

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