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Interim COVID-19 Policies

(Effective September 2021- July 2022)

Policies labeled as “INTERIM” supplement housing policies while University, State, and Riverside County orders and policies pertaining to infectious disease are in place. Where these INTERIM policies and standing policies conflict, the more stringent rule is to be followed. Given the changing nature of the Covid-19 Pandemic, these policies can be strengthened or relaxed based upon health officials’ recommendation and guidelines set forth by the university, local and county officials, and the state of California. It is the resident’s responsibility to be aware of these university, local, county and state of California regulations.

  • Residents should monitor symptoms and submit the daily wellness survey online.
  • Participate in regular or surveillance COVID-19 testing as prescribed by the university.
  • Face mask worn covering both the nose and mouth are required indoors whenever one is not within their personal apartment and/ or room, including community lounges, bathrooms, computer labs, game rooms, laundry rooms, fitness areas, visiting another resident’s apartment/room, etc.
  • Guest not affiliated with UCR (non-UCR students, faculty, and staff) are prohibited from visiting and entering any UCR Residential Community Facility.
  • Guests affiliated with UCR (UCR students, faculty, staff, and resident family members) must show proof of vaccination or provide self-attestation to being fully vaccinated prior to visiting and entering any UCR Residential Community Facility upon request.
  • It is highly recommended that residents do not travel more than 100 miles from campus on public transportation (planes, trains, and buses). If you do, you are responsible for monitoring symptoms and ensuring you are healthy to return to campus.
  • Residents directed by the university to self-isolate must follow any staff directions related to self-isolation, including staying in their assigned space (on or off-campus), relocating to a temporary assignment, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of transmission, and any other guidance given by staff or health professionals.
  • Campus housing residents are reminded that congregate living facilities such as that represented by campus housing may present certain risks of exposure to infectious diseases that can cause illness or death. Campus housing residents must adhere to any applicable guidelines and/or measures implemented by UCR Housing Services based on public health, government, and/or University guidelines to reduce risks associated with the spread of an infectious disease. However, the University makes no warranty with respect to the safety of the premises with regard to any infectious disease.