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UCR Housing Covid-19 Policies

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, UCR Housing has implemented a number of interim Student Conduct Policies, based on the recommendations and guidelines set for by the university, local and county officials and the state of California. It is the resident's responsibility to be aware of these policies. Policies may be updated and/or revised at any time, based on local conditions.

  • Testing

    Residents are required to submit daily online wellness surveys, as well as participate in regular Covid-19 testing as prescribed by the university.

  • Face Coverings

    Face coverings are required when outside one’s personal apartment and/or room whether remaining inside your building or, if you cannot properly socially distance, in outdoor areas.

  • Guests

    Guests, including students assigned to other communities or living off-campus, are prohibited from visiting and entering any UCR Residential Community Facility to which they are not contracted and assigned. Additionally, residents are not permitted to host guests in their room, suite, or apartment.

  • Travel

    It is highly recommended that residents to not travel to and from their permanent homes. If you do return home, you are responsible for monitoring symptoms and ensuring you are healthy to return to campus.

  • Physical Distancing

    Residents must maintain social distancing (a minimum of six feet) from those individuals with whom they do not share an assigned room, suite, or apartment while in common spaces such as bathrooms, lounge areas and pools (if open), laundry rooms, computer labs, waiting in lines, etc. Additionally, residents may not move, remove, or otherwise tamper with any measure to support social distancing. This includes moving furniture, using closed stalls, or other spaces that have been designated as closed by the university.

  • Self-Quarantining

    Residents directed by the university to self-isolate must follow any staff directions related to self-isolation, including staying in their assigned space, relocating to a temporary assignment, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of transmission,

  • Contract Cancellation (Residence Halls only)

    Students who would like to cancel their 2020-21 Residence Hall Contract and leave on-campus housing are able to do so. To be clear, the University and Owner are not closing housing, but clarifying that students do have an opportunity to leave without financial penalty.

    The resident may make a quarter-by-quarter decision about whether they want to return to campus housing for the following quarter. If resident notifies university or owner on or before the following dates for each 2020-21 academic quarter, fees that are normally charged for moving out of campus housing will be waived and resident will pay only for days in residence and the portion of any Dining Plan used.

    • For Fall Quarter – August 27, 2020
    • For Winter Quarter – December 4, 2020
    • For Spring Quarter – February 27, 2021

    If Resident notifies University or Owner that they want to move out of the Residence Halls for the following quarter after the applicable date listed above, the University or Owner may assess fees as outlined in the Residence Hall Contract and in the schedule posted below.

    By August 27, 2020 $0 $0
    August 28 - Sept. 25, 2020 $1310 (1st Month's Room Cost) $1170 (1st Month's Room Cost)
    Sept. 26 - Dec. 19, 2020

    Prorated Room & Board*

    Prorated Room & Board*
    By December 4, 2020 $0 $0
    Dec. 5, 2020 - Jan. 2, 2021 $1310 (1st Month's Room Cost) $1170 (1st Month's Room Cost)
    January 3 - March 20, 2021 Prorated Room & Board* Prorated Room & Board*
    By February 27, 2021 $0 $0
    Feb. 8 - March 27, 2021 $1310 (1st Month's Room Cost) $1170 (1st Month's Room Cost)
    March 28 - June 12, 2021 Prorated Room & Board* Prorated Room & Board* 

    *Room, board, and activity fees will not be prorated during the first two weeks of any quarter at University or Owner’s discretion.

A Day in the COVID Life?

We have a few new daily realities in our collective response to COVID. Learning and sticking to them will help ensure we all stay safe for the 2020-21 academic year. 

  • Daily Symptom Monitoring
    Daily Symptom Monitoring

    Being on campus means playing it safe. And to help ensure that we are all playing it safe, students, staff and faculty must continue to monitor their health status daily and submit the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day. 

    If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, it is critical that you note your condition honestly in the Daily Wellness Survey so that UCR Student Health Services can ensure that you have what you need to get well and that your condition does not have an adverse effect on the campus community. If needed, contact Student Health Services for guidance at (951) 827-3031.

  • Regular COVID-19 Testing

    All students, staff and faculty on campus will likely need to attain a Covid-19 test once or twice a week for the foreseeable future. Luckily, these tests can be conducted on campus, are painless, and the timeline to receive test results is getting very short for some of the newer tests. More information about regular testing will be distributed by the campus shortly. 

  • Staying Safe
    Staying Safe
    • All residents must track their wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day.
    • At least six feet of space must be kept between residents while in common spaces such as bathrooms, lounge areas, laundry rooms and in lines for food.
    • Face coverings are required when outside your room and outside your building.
    • Off-campus guests are not permitted within the on-campus communities or Residential Restaurants. Residents cannot visit residential communities outside of their own assigned Hall.
    • Only one person at a time in elevators.
    • Adhere to occupancy limits and physical distancing guidelines in communal spaces.
    • We advise that you NOT return to your permanent homes during the academic year. If you do return home, you must continue to track your wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day, and make sure you’re healthy to return to campus.

    If you do get sick while on campus, we are here for you. We’ve already set aside rooms for you and will take care of your basic needs while you get better and are cleared to return to your room. Given the changing nature of Covid-19, these policies could be strengthened or relaxed based on recommendations from campus, local and state health officials.

    Remember, protecting yourself means protecting your fellow residents. Let’s all do our parts.

Covid19 Student Isolation Brochure: Download this fold-out guide on what to do and who to contact during COVID-19 quarantine/isolation.





A Move-In Message from Our Staff:



The Fall 2020 Experience:

While the default instructional mode for Fall Quarter has been announced as “remote only,” UCR Housing and UCR Residential Life are here to provide you the on-campus social experience that you have earned and deserve!

Details about the specific “look” of Fall campus living will be shaped this summer as we identify ways to provide you a special on-campus college experience while adhering to public health guidance.

Please bookmark this page and check back often. We will keep it refreshed with the latest updates and details about what you can expect from your UCR living experience this fall. Rest assured, we WILL be offering the "living on campus" experience.

Spring is behind us. Let's make fall special. We can’t wait to welcome you "home."

Frequently Asked Questions:


GENERAL HOUSING INFORMATION for All Prospective Residents:

Safety Steps:
What's Open?:
The Campus Experience:
COVID-19 Testing:
Additional Resources:

RESIDENCE HALL HOUSING for Incoming Freshman & Transfer Students:

Room contracts and assignments:
Canceling contracts / skipping quarters: 


CAMPUS APARTMENT HOUSING for Transfer, Graduate & Continuing Students:

What's Open?
Canceling contracts / skipping quarters:


GENERAL HOUSING INFORMATION for All Prospective Residents:


Safety Steps:


What enhanced precautionary steps are being taken in residential areas?

Students will be required to wear a facial covering outside of their apartment, room, hall or suite. Hand sanitizing stations will be installed at various building entrances, dining facilities, elevators, and communal resource spaces, such as lobbies, study rooms, computer labs, music rooms and fitness rooms. These same spaces will have adjusted occupancy limits and will be marked with physical distancing aids that are at least 6 feet apart to avoid congestion. Building access will be restricted to residents only.

Room occupancy in our highest density housing, the Residence Halls, has been reduced to single-occupancy only rooms. Triple and Double occupancy rooms will not be offered for the Fall 2020 Quarter.

Public areas (lobbies, meeting rooms, study rooms, laundry rooms, restrooms, fitness rooms, music rooms, etc.) and high-touch areas (door handles, elevator buttons, etc.) will be disinfected frequently. All residential common areas and dining facilities will use a cleaning system that pairs an electrostatic sprayer that uses iodized sanitizer with CDC-approved disinfectant cleaners and sanitizers.

Dedicated quarantine and isolation spaces and basic need services will be available if residents are exposed to other symptomatic individuals or become symptomatic themselves.

What's Open?


Is on-campus housing open for Fall 2020?

Yes. At this time, on-campus housing communities and dining facilities are planned to remain open with enhanced precautionary measures in place to help protect the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff.


Is campus housing guaranteed for Fall 2020?

Unfortunately, no. It is clear that campus housing will need to be offered at a lower density than usual in order to ensure that we have a smart and safe return to campus while still in the shadow of the pandemic. Therefore, we are unable to offer a housing guarantee for the 2020-21 academic year.

However, we ARE still accepting applications and contracts for all styles of campus housing, with the full intent of offering the same meaningful and integral part of the college experience that living on campus has always provided.


Will Family Housing continue to be open for Summer, 2020, and the 2020-21 academic year?

Yes. Family Housing at Oban Apartments has never closed during the COVID-19 crisis and we have no plans to close it in the future. Some amenities, such as the Community Center, the pool/pool deck, and the playground have had to be temporarily closed to deter social gathering and because of sanitation concerns.

Students with families can submit an application for Family Housing here. The waiting period for Family Housing assignments consistently exceeds one year.


The Campus Experience:


How will living on campus still be the “college experience” it once was prior to COVID-19?

Every cohort of college students has their own unique “college experience” that is shaped by the issues of their times. There can be no doubt that COVID-19 is a part of your college experience. However, living on campus will provide you the opportunity to have an experience that will be different than if you stayed at home. First, living on campus gives you the opportunity to live independently but with a safety net. Second, you will be able to focus on your studies and homework without other obligations and distractions. Lastly, you will be in a place where you can develop relationships, explore ideas, and grow with other college students who are having the same “college experience” as you, whether that is in-person or virtual!


What kinds of opportunities will residents have to socialize while living on-campus?

While wearing masks and following physical distancing guidelines, you will still have the opportunity to engage with other residents in-person in meaningful ways. These will include discussing the news of the day (which right now there is A LOT to discuss), talking about classes, and learning more about each other. Most of our facilities and the campus in general provide a beautiful backdrop for people to take physically-distanced walks, play catch, and lay in the sun! Building meaningful and lifelong friendships is truly one of the greatest benefits of living on campus. While you may be distanced - you will not be alone.


What activities and/or social events will be available even with physical distancing in mind?

We will be following all State and Local health orders as we plan for social events. While the State currently (as of July 17) is largely closed we are planning most of our events to occur virtually using platforms such as DISCORD, Zoom, and Instagram. As we reopen, we will move to have more of our events with in-person components until we are able to be fully in-person once again. In these virtual spaces we can have gaming events, movie viewings and discussions, mini-lectures, and lively conversations. We can also lead seminars where you can follow along remotely to create your own planner, vision board, or map out your best year yet. So you can see that you are not likely to have the same experience at home, even if most activities were to remain virtual!


What will Residential Life look like in the Fall?

Residential Life is committed to providing nearly all of the services in the same ways we always have. We have staff members on site who can be reached for assistance 24/7. We work hard to provide engaging and safe activities for students to develop socially and academically - even if that occurs in a virtual environment. And as always, we will still be reaching out to offer support, mentorship, and food for thought. Sure, we may not be knocking on your door to get in touch, but you can expect to get phone calls, texts, or app notifications directly from your dedicated staff member. Our goal is be as visible as possible to help you have the best college experience you can have despite the pandemic we are all living through. You and your experience are our priority!


COVID-19 Testing:


Will students be tested for COVID-19 as part of move-in?

In general, no student should plan to arrive on campus until they are symptom-free for at least 72 hours. On campus, our goal is to identify and isolate any symptomatic individuals who could spread the COVID-19 virus. Full details on COVID-19 testing and move-in can be found on the Residence Hall Move-In page


What happens if a student tests positive for COVID-19?

In the event that a student living in campus housing tests positive for COVID-19 at any time during the academic year, they will first be encouraged to promptly return to their permanent residence. If this is not possible or not recommended, they will be relocated to designated on-campus “isolation” housing, where all basic needs will be met and medical guidance will be provided by Student Health Services.




Will dining facilities and markets be open for Fall Quarter?

Yes. An appropriate number of dining facilities and markets will be open to ensure that students have a variety of food choices. Seating options in dining facilities will be based on Riverside County public health orders. Entry into facilities will be controlled to limit crowds and facilitate physical distancing. Hand sanitizing dispensers will be placed at the entrance of all dining facilities and markets. Physical distancing aids will be placed at food platform queue lines and facility entry points to avoid congestion. All payments will move to cashless transactions for reduced contact at point of sale for students and employees.


Will mobile ordering be available for Fall Quarter?

We are developing a mobile ordering application for Fall. If successful, students may be able to utilize Dining Services’ mobile ordering platform to place their orders in advance to help limit crowds and wait time.


Additional Resources:


Can I still submit a service request for maintenance and/or IT assistance?

Yes. Maintenance and IT personnel will continue to respond to all requests with the added precaution of using PPE and maintaining physical distance (at least 6 feet) while service is conducted. Contractors will be expected to adhere to prevailing COVID-19 directives.


Is there enough bandwidth for me to take my classes from my room?

Yes. Residential networks, both hard wired and Wi-Fi will allow residents to access classes remotely from their rooms. In many cases, students find connectivity speeds much better than they are able to attain at home!


Is there off-campus housing available near UCR?

Yes. We remind students that off-campus housing, including private apartments and houses, is not owned or managed by the University. Because the University cannot influence the actions of private apartment and housing landlords, it is critical that you understand all details of any contract or lease you sign, including the cancellation policy. We advise that, if you want to consider living off-campus in Riverside, you plan to have your own bedroom and you make a concerted effort not to socialize in person with anyone outside of your “household” (i.e. the people sharing your apartment).


What other resources are available to me?

Any student who is experiencing challenges related to their basic needs — access to nutritious food, stable housing and financial wellness resources — should email or visit the UCR Basic Needs website at

RESIDENCE HALL HOUSING for Incoming Freshman & Transfer Students:

Room contracts and assignments:


How many students will be assigned to a bedroom? What is the cost?

In order to decrease community density and create a safe space for students, all rooms in our Residence Halls at Aberdeen-Inverness, Lothian, Dundee, and Pentland Hills will be offered at Single occupancy. 

There will be no Double or Triple occupancy rooms offered this Fall in the Residence Halls.

Double- and Triple-occupancy rooms that have been converted to Single-occupancy rooms will retain the size and furniture of the Double- or Triple-occupancy room, but will house only one resident.

Adjusted rates are posted on this website. In general, all rooms offered as Single occupancy will be charged the former Double occupancy rate. 


Will housing guarantees be accommodated?

Lower density campus housing will be required to help protect the health and well-being of students. Therefore, housing guarantees, in general, cannot be accommodated. Housing assignments will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis according to contract submission dates.

Returning residents who have previously completed Fall 2020 room selection will continue to be accommodated. However, your specific room selection cannot be guaranteed.


When can students submit a Residence Hall housing contract?

Our Residence Halls are open to New Freshman, New Transfers and Continuing UCR students, as well as returning residents. Contracts have been available since March 1, and continue to be available.


When is room selection for the Residence Halls?

For students with a Residence Hall Contract, the roommate and room selection processes opened July 17 and the complete schedule is posted on this website. All students who have submitted a 2020-21 Residence Hall Contract have been kept updated regarding these processes by email. Once the scheduled self-selection process is complete, all remaining assignments will be completed by trained Housing Services staff utilizing your contract preferences as much as possible.


When will first-year students receive their housing assignment?

All students with a Residence Hall Contract have the opportunity to self-select their rooms and roommates beginning July 17. Students who do not self-select a room and/or roommate will be assigned both by trained Housing Services staff. No room or roommate selections can be guaranteed. Final room and roommate assignments will be confirmed during the first week of September.



Will Dundee Residence Hall be open for Fall 2020 as advertised?

Yes. Final preparations for the opening of our brand-new seven-story Dundee Residence Hall — and the Glasgow Residential Restaurant — have continued uninterrupted. Both are scheduled to be ready for full operations at the start of the Fall Quarter.

Submit a Residence Hall Contract today at




What will move-in look like for Fall Quarter?

Having the opportunity to create a campus living experience for you in this challenging time comes with great anticipation and great responsibility. We take this responsibility very seriously and we know you do, too! Move-In plans are still evolving and much more information will be shared during the days prior to your arrival. Below is a general look at what you should be prepared for.


  • Personal symptom monitoring for 14 days prior to move-in utilizing the UCR symptom monitoring app.
    • To be approved to arrive on campus, you will be required to enter a response each calendar day for 14 days prior to your assigned move-in date. More details and instructions will be sent to your UCR campus email address.
    • If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms as your move-in day approaches, please plan to remain at home until your symptoms have disappeared for at least 72 continuous hours. You will feel more comfortable at home and our community will be safer because of your good decision. We will wait for you. No worries!
  • You should never need to look far for a hand sanitizing station in your housing community. And we will provide you with a genuine Highlander face covering upon move-in. But you should also plan to bring your own personal supply of hand sanitizer, extra face coverings (We recommend 4-5 to last the week and allow for washing in between uses.), and sanitizing wipes or disinfectant cleaner. You know best what will help you feel safe and comfortable in addition to what we will be doing.


  • Move-In Days are currently scheduled for September 26, 27 and 28. Your actual Move-In Day will be announced during the third week of September
  • A COVID test and documented negative test result will be required prior to Move-In Day. See the Residence Hall Move-In page for more details. 
  • You will participate in a touchless check-in process, create a special farewell memory with your family, move your belongings into your new room, and meet your Resident Advisor (RA).


  • You will be assigned to a “pod” or cohort at Move-In. This pod will be a small group of residents usually consisting of your housing hall/suite or a portion of it.
  • Your pod will be expected to “sequester” for 7 days upon arrival. This means that you will limit in-person interactions to the students in your pod and you will limit activities in general to getting food from the dining venues, participating in low-risk outdoor recreation or housing-sponsored programs, picking up mail or books, or obtaining health services.
  • Smart use of face coverings, physical distancing and daily health monitoring will be part of our experience together on campus in the Fall because Highlanders care not only about ourselves but about our effect on the wellbeing of others.
  • Both virtual and low-risk in-person activities will be planned for you by our Residential Life staff because we assume that is part of the college experience you want if you are living on campus. You want to broaden your cultural horizons and make lifelong friends!
  • And don’t forget to eat! You have a significant Dining Plan and we have a significant number of food options---from nutritious to delicious---for you to choose from.
Canceling contracts / skipping quarters:


Will canceling my 2020-21 contract impact my financial aid?

If a student cancels their 2020-2021 housing contract and is on financial aid, this could result in a reduction to the cost of attendance and a likely reduction to their financial aid. Please visit the Financial Aid web page for more information.


How can I notify Housing if I do not want to live in Residence Halls for Fall? Or if I want to move out prior to Winter or Spring quarter?

Normally, your housing contract is an agreement for the entire 2020-21 academic year---Fall, Winter & Spring quarters.

HOWEVER, due to the pandemic, we are allowing for the following changes to your housing agreement. Students may make a quarter-by-quarter decision about whether they want to return to campus housing for the next quarter. If you notify Housing Services on or before the following dates for each quarter, fees that are normally charged for moving out of campus housing will be waived and you will pay only for your days in residence and the portion of any meal plan used.

  • For Fall Quarter - August 27, 2020
  • For Winter Quarter - December 4, 2020
  • For Spring Quarter - February 27, 2021

If students notify Housing Services that they want to move out of the Residence Halls for the next quarter after the dates listed above, fees may be charged as outlined in your housing contract and in the schedule posted below.

By August 27, 2020 $0 $0
August 28 - Sept. 25, 2020 $1310 (1st Month's Room Cost) $1170 (1st Month's Room Cost)
Sept. 26 - Dec. 19, 2020

Prorated Room & Board*

Prorated Room & Board*
By December 4, 2020 $0 $0
Dec. 5, 2020 - Jan. 2, 2021 $1310 (1st Month's Room Cost) $1170 (1st Month's Room Cost)
January 3 - March 20, 2021 Prorated Room & Board* Prorated Room & Board*
By February 27, 2021 $0 $0
Feb. 8 - March 27, 2021 $1310 (1st Month's Room Cost) $1170 (1st Month's Room Cost)
March 28 - June 12, 2021 Prorated Room & Board* Prorated Room & Board* 

To notify Housing Services, please log into your MyHousing portal and submit your request.



What if I don’t move on campus this Fall Quarter, but want to live on campus starting Winter Quarter 2021?

If you have already submitted a 2020-21 Residence Hall Contract, please email Housing Services at and request that your Fall 2020 Residence Hall contract be deferred to Winter Quarter.

CAMPUS APARTMENT HOUSING for Transfer, Graduate & Continuing Students:

What's Open?


Will the UCR Campus Apartments be open for Fall, 2020?

YES. Transfer students, Graduate students and Continuing UCR students are all eligible to submit applications for the UCR Campus Apartments, which include Bannockburn Village, The Plaza, Falkirk, Glen Mor, International Village and Stonehaven. As in any year, the Campus Apartments are assigned from a first-come, first-served waiting list, and we expect these communities to be fully booked for 2020-21. Occupancy levels for apartments and bedrooms in apartments will not be adjusted and will continue to be determined by student application preferences.


Canceling contracts / skipping quarters:

Can I cancel my Fall 2020 Campus Apartment housing contract? Is there a penalty to cancel my contract? What is the deadline to cancel my contract?

The UCR Campus Apartment Contract is for the entire 2020-21 academic year---Fall, Winter & Spring quarters. If you would like to cancel your residency for Fall 2020, you will want to log in to the MyHousing portal and submit a 2020-2021 Campus Apartment Contract Cancellation request to cancel your entire 2020-21 contract.

Fees and penalties may apply. It is important that you consult your UCR Campus Apartment Contract for more specific information.

In general, your pre-paid housing fees will be refunded without penalty if your cancellation is submitted within 14 days of the Fall instructional format announcement on June 16.

Students who submitted a Campus Apartment contract AFTER June 16, please refer to the cancellation penalty schedule below:

Cancellation Request Submission Date Cancellation Charge Schedule
31-120 days prior to effective date of contract Forfeit $200 deposit
Within 30 days of effective date of contract Forfeit $200 deposit and an amount equal to one month's rent
On or after effective date of contract $75 processing fee and remaining financial obligation of contract

If you have a submitted and paid contract and campus housing must be limited in such a way that we are unable to offer you a housing space, rest assured that all pre-paid housing fees will be refunded in full.


Can I skip Fall and move into a Campus Apartment for Winter and Spring?

If you want to move into the Campus Apartments for Winter and/or Spring quarter, please email Housing Services at and request that your Fall Campus Apartment Move-In be deferred until Winter.



I renewed my 2019-20 Campus Apartment contract for this coming year. Is it still going to be honored?

Yes. The status of renewed Campus Apartment contracts (or requested relocations) for 2020-21 at Bannockburn Village, The Plaza, Falkirk, Glen Mor, International Village and Stonehaven are not affected by current campus conditions.

That said, if you wish to cancel your contract, your housing fees will be prorated upon your departure without penalty if your cancellation request is submitted within 14 days of the Fall instructional format announcement.


I lived in the Residence Halls last year and submitted a Campus Apartment application for the coming 2020-21 year. When will I find out if I have secured an apartment space?

We continue to email Campus Apartment contract offers to Residence Hall residents daily, based on application submission dates. If you have not received an offer from us yet, please contact us promptly to check your status. And keep an eye on your UCR student email because contract offers expire within 24-48 hours. 

Remember, you can update your apartment preferences at at any time without affecting your place on the waiting list.

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