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Please visit our current move-in pages:

Residence Hall Move-In

Campus Apartment Check-In





Directions and Steps for Moving

Orient yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of moving. See what you have to do, step-by-step, for a successful move.


Download Driving Directions


  1. Arrive on time. Do not arrive any earlier than your designated move-in time. You will not be allowed to enter the parking lot. Move-in times are based on room assignments.
  2. Don’t arrive in a motor home, moving van, trailer or RV. Large vehicles take up too much space in our parking lots and are difficult to navigate on narrow campus streets.
  3. Bring your personalized Assignment Brochure with you. You should receive it in the mail in early September. This packet includes your important information, including your move-in time, room assignment, and a one-time-only Parking Permit good while unloading. Note: You may only park one car at your community while unloading, and you must move your car to long-term parking after 30 minutes.
  4. Check in at your Resident Services Office (RSO) to receive your room key. You will also receive a move-in inventory list, which is to be returned to the RSO. If you do not receive your student ID (R’Card) by Move-In Day, contact UCR Card Services.
  5. Check out a moving cart and unload. Residents are limited to one cart. If you need a cart after Move-In Day, visit your RSO. You may also bring your own carrier or moving cart.
  6. Return your move-in inventory to your RSO. Failure to return a move-in inventory on Move-In Day will imply that your room/bed space is acceptable “as is.”
  7. Review your Resident Handbook to learn about your new community, and stay informed about your rights and responsibilities.


      Download some helpful information to make Move-In Day a little easier:

  1. Essential Tips and Tricks
  2. Checklist of what to bring (and what you might want to leave home)
  3. Map to nearby shopping areas


  1. Attend your end-of-the-year hall/floor meeting to get your check-out envelope and to discuss any questions you might have regarding closing with your Resident Advisor (RA).
  2. Pick up your Check-Out Envelope. If you didn’t get one at your floor/hall meeting, you can get one at your RSO. You will need to turn in your keys to the RSO inside this envelope. 
    Note: You must check out no later than 24 hours after your last final.
  3. Pack (or properly dispose) of all your belongings. Please do not check out if any items are left in your room, except university furniture and the Ethernet cable that came with the room. Make sure you take any items you might have in common areas.
  4. Submit a change of address with the US Postal Service and update your address on R'Web account. Mail cannot be forwarded by the Resident Services Office (RSO). All mail received after you check out will be returned to sender.
  5. Drop off your keys at the RSO in your Check-Out Envelope. Your RA will inspect your room after you move out, and compare your room inventory to what was reported at the beginning of the year. If damages are observed, charges will be assessed at that time, and a listing of charges will be emailed to you.

View the move-out guide for the Residence Halls


  1. In August, you will receive notification by email about Check-In Day, your appointed arrival time, your check-in location, and parking permit information. You will also receive instructions on how to complete your online Resident Orientation prior to arrival. Check-in will be most efficient if you complete your orientation as requested and do not arrive earlier than your appointed check-in time
  2. Read through the Check-In Guide. It is filled with valuable phone numbers, important maps of your new community, and essential information for your arrival to your new apartment.
    View the Campus Apartments Check-In Guide for Bannockburn Village, Falkirk, Glen Mor, International Village, The Plaza and Stonehaven.
  3. Check in at your designated Check-In station to receive your keys and a Move-In Inspection form.
  4. Complete a Move-In Inspection form before you settle into your apartment. Return completed forms to your designated Check-In station. Failure to return a move-in inventory list on Check-In Day will imply your consent that your apartment/bed space is acceptable “as is.”
  5. Check out a moving cart. Carts are available on Check-In Day. Residents are limited to one cart, with a 30-minute time limit. If you need additional time for a cart, ask at the RSO.
  6. Review the Student Conduct Policies to learn about your responsibilities.
  7. Be on the lookout for your Resident Advisor (RA), who will be in the community that day to meet you.

Download Driving Directions


  1. Pre-Inspection. The Pre-Inspection is completed by Housing Staff during a pre-announced time period approximately 45 days prior to the Expiration Date of your Contract. This is an early warning (no charges will be assessed) to alert you of any concerns we have about the condition of your apartment. You do not need to be present.
  2. Start thinking about what to do with your stuff. All of your belongings must be removed from your apartment before the Final Inspection.
  3. Submit a change of address with the US Postal Service and update your address on R'Web account. Mail cannot be forwarded by the Resident Services Office (RSO).
  4. Move out by 5pm on your Contract Expiration Date. You can leave anytime prior to your Contract Expiration Date, but we will not pro-rate your rent. Make sure you leave your keys at your RSO in the official Key Return Envelope available at the RSO. Find your move-out date here.
  5. Final Inspection. The Final Inspection will be conducted by Housing Staff when residents have departed. Inspection results will be emailed to residents and any charges or credits will be reflected on the resident's R'Web account.

Can't Make It to Move-In/Check-In Day?

If you need consideration for an early or late Move-In/Check-In Day due to a religious or other critical reason, contact your Resident Services Office or email us. Your room reservation cannot be held unless we hear from you prior to Move-In/Check-In Day.


At this time, parking is unavailable to Freshman students living in the Residence Halls. Please do not plan on bringing a vehicle or motorcycle with you to campus. The Transportation Servicesweb site contains information about the many alternative modes of transportation on and around the UCR campus.

Information on how to request a parking exemption will be posted on the UCR Housing and Transportation Services web sites during the summer.

Renter’s Insurance

University of California, Riverside does not assume responsibility for your personal items, including computers, cell phones and tablets. We suggest you purchase a personal property insurance policy if you aren’t covered by your parents’ homeowner policy. GradGuard offers affordable packages designed for students.

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Students who plan to live in the Residence Halls are strongly encouraged to complete part one of AlcoholEdu before Move-In Day. Instructions and your login code will be emailed to you in early September.