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Residence Hall Move-In


Sunday, January 3, 2021

Greetings Highlanders! The big day is in sight and we are excited to welcome some of you back to campus and others of you to campus for one of the first times.

Below we have outlined a safe return to campus that will hopefully help you transition smoothly to your new home away from home, as well as help your family feel more comfortable leaving you in our experienced hands.

Due to decreased housing occupancy for Winter Quarter, Housing Services has consolidated housing spaces and closed under-utilized buildings. This increases safety by ensuring that students are not isolated in under-occupied areas, and saves utility and staffing costs. To confirm, all students in Residence Hall communities will be assigned to single occupancy rooms for Winter Quarter, 2021. However, you may discover on your MyHousing portal during the upcoming weeks that your community assignment has changed.

We are determined to create a successful COVID-19 move-in and college living experience. And since you are a Highlander, we know you want to be part of that model. Together we will lead UCR out of the COVID cloud and into sunnier times.

Timeline Move-In Date: January 3, 2021
Begin 14-Day Symptom Monitoring December 20
Pre-arrival Covid test no earlier than December 27
14-Day Sequester Period: January 4 - January 17, 2021



  1. Move-In Appointment Requirement
    • In an effort to reduce crowds and maintain adequate physical distancing during Winter quarter move-in, we have implemented a controlled move-in process. We have predefined move-in days by building and identified appointment timeslots throughout the day to give you maximum flexibility.
    • Visit the MyHousing portal to schedule your return date and time by clicking on the Winter Move-In Appointments graphic on the home screen.
    • To maintain everyone’s safety, no guests will be permitted to accompany you into the building.
  2. Pre-Arrival Covid Test
    • In order to keep our communities healthy you are asked to upload proof of a NEGATIVE Covid test dated between 12/27/2020 – 1/3/2021 on the Winter 2020 Appointments page of the MyHousing portal. This feature will be available beginning Sunday, December 27, 2020.
    • If you receive a POSITIVE Covid test result or develop any symptoms typically associated with the Covid-19 virus, please DO NOT return to campus. Quarantine at home until you are symptom-free for 72 continuous hours.
  3. Post-Arrival Sequester Requirement
    • You are required to sequester/shelter in place upon arrival in the residence halls through Sunday, January 17, 2021. “Sequestering” entails limiting activities and movement outside of your assigned room to taking care of bathroom needs, acquiring medical services, reporting to work, and retrieving meals from campus dining venues or mobile delivery services.
  4. Ongoing Wellness Program Requirement
    • You must resume mandatory twice per week Covid testing at the Pentland Hills Bear Cave effective the week of January 4, and should not stop sequestering until you have recorded four (4) NEGATIVE Covid test results.
    • Please continue to monitor your health condition using the UCR Daily Wellness Survey. If you develop flu or cold symptoms, promptly contact UCR Student Health Services at (951) 827-3031 for further guidance.

Stock up on face coverings, hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes. We will have plenty of sanitizing stations around your community and you will be given a Highlander face-covering upon move in, but we recommend you also bring your own supply. We suggest 4-5 face coverings to last each week and to wash between uses.

Helpful Pre-Arrival Links

Essential Tips and Tricks

Checklist of what to bring (and what you might want to leave home)

Map to nearby shopping areas

Driving Directions to Dundee Check-In Site

Information about Renter's Insurance



Arrive on time to avoid delays and to support our safe, physically distanced process

Don't Leave Home Without These Items:

  1. Student ID Card
  2. Move-In Pass with QR Code for Contactless Check-In
  3. Driving Directions to Your Check-In Site
  4. Face Mask(s)
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Checklist of what to bring (and what you might want to leave home)




The dining experience at Glasgow and Lothian will primarily be contactless. You’ll swipe in using your R’Card and you’ll be served your meal for take-out – which consists of a hot entrée, two sides, a cold side, a dessert, and a beverage – from our staff behind plexiglass. You’ll also have access to essential items through the Scotty’s Glasgow convenience store and Shop at The Market @ Glen Mor.

For now, you’ll be asked to enjoy all meals in your room, but shortly after move-in you will be able to enjoy eating meals in our beautiful outdoor spaces. We will get indoor seating back shortly after the county guidance allows for it.


“Sequestering” means minimizing in-person interactions while on campus. You will do this by limiting your interactions to the “cohort” or “pod” — your hall- or suite-mates. “Sequestering” also means leaving your campus residence ONLY to participate in essential activities: obtaining food from a campus dining location, participating in low-risk outdoor activities (including those planned by UCR’s Residential Life team), obtaining health care services, picking up mail/parcels, picking up books or utilizing the residential laundry rooms. Leaving campus during “sequestration” is not permitted, so it is important that students bring all necessary items with them from home.

Daily Symptom Monitoring

Being on campus means playing it safe. And to help ensure that we are all playing it safe, students, staff and faculty must continue to monitor their health status daily and submit the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day.

If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, it is critical that you note your condition honestly in the Daily Wellness Survey so that UCR Student Health Services can ensure that you have what you need to get well and that your condition does not have an adverse effect on the campus community. If needed, contact Student Health Services for guidance at (951) 827-3031.

Regular COVID-19 Testing

Did we mention that being on campus means playing it safe? Well, that means all students, staff and faculty on campus will likely need to attain a COVID-19 test twice a week for the foreseeable future. Luckily, these tests can be conducted on campus, are painless, and the timeline to receive test results is getting very short for some of the newer tests. More information about regular testing will be distributed by the campus following Move-In.

Staying Safe

  • All residents must track their wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day.
  • At least six feet of space must be kept between residents while in common spaces such as bathrooms, lounge areas, laundry rooms and in lines for food.
  • Face coverings are required when outside your room and outside your building.
  • Off-campus guests are not permitted within the on-campus communities or Residential Restaurants. Residents cannot visit residential communities outside of their own assigned Hall.
  • Only one person at a time in elevators.
  • Adhere to occupancy limits and physical distancing guidelines in communal spaces.
  • We advise that you NOT return to your permanent homes during the academic year. If you do return home, you must continue to track your wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day, and make sure you’re healthy to return to campus.

If you do get sick while on campus, we are here for you. We’ve already set aside rooms for you and will take care of your basic needs while you get better and are cleared to return to your room. Given the changing nature of COVID-19, these policies could be strengthened or relaxed based on recommendations from campus, local and state health officials.

Remember, protecting yourself means protecting your fellow residents. Let’s all do our parts.