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Thanksgiving Break | Fall 2021

The tables below summarize the overall services and requirements regarding Thanksgiving Break and the week following Thanksgiving Break. They pertain to the students living in any campus housing community. Campus housing includes the following communities:

  • Aberdeen-Inverness Residence Hall
  • Dundee Residence Hall
  • Lothian Residence Hall
  • Pentland Hills Residence Hall
  • Bannockburn Village Apartments
  • Falkirk Apartments
  • Glen Mor Apartments
  • North District Apartments
  • Stonehaven Apartments
  • The Plaza Apartments
  • Oban Family Housing (Student Residents Only)
November 25 - November 28, 2021
Resident Services Offices Campus Apartments & Family Housing – CLOSED
Aberdeen-Inverness (A-I) – CLOSED
Dundee – CLOSED
Lothian – CLOSED
Pentland Hills – CLOSED
Glen Mor – CLOSED
Stonehaven – CLOSED 11/25 - 11/26
North District – TBA
Emergency Contact Call Resident Advisor (RA) on Duty, 24/7
Mail & Parcel Services UNAVAILABLE (During closures)
Dining Services CLOSED
Last Residential Meal Service: November 24, Brunch, 10:00am – 2:30pm.
  • No Sequester Required.
  • Campus COVID Test Recommended During First Week Following the Break.
  • 2 Negative Campus COVID Tests Required During First Week Following the Break.
  • Sequester Required Until Campus COVID Tests Are Complete.**

*Un-vaccinated residents are those students who have officially submitted or been granted a vaccine exemption, waiver, or deferral.

**During your sequester, the University asks that you “play it safe” for a short time following the holiday break. You should minimize in-person interactions whether in campus housing or in other campus locations where people congregate. Please leave your assigned campus housing space only to participate in essential activities, which include to purchase and eat food, to attend class or work, to participate in low-risk outdoor recreational activities, or to obtain health care services.

Leaving campus during your sequester is not permitted. So it is important that you secure all necessary items in advance.