Bikes, Parking & Transportation

Bikes, Parking & Transportation

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Although you don’t need a car when you live on campus, a limited number of parking permits are available for purchase. Alternative transportation is available for free or for a low cost.

Get a Housing Parking Permit

Request a Housing Permit through the TAPS. Permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis for the entire academic year only.* View monthly rate.

Residence Hall permits are:

  • Valid in Big Springs Parking Structure at Glen Mor and Lothian
  • Valid in Lot 21 at Pentland Hills
  • Valid in Lot 22 at Aberdeen-Inverness
  • Valid in non-reserved spaces anywhere on campus after 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on weekends

*At this time, parking is unavailable to freshmen living in the Residence Halls. Please do not bring a vehicle or motorcycle to campus. The Transportation Services web site lists alternative modes of transportation on and around campus. Exceptions to this parking policy will be posted on the website during the summer.

UCR Campus Apartment parking permits can be requested online through TAPS on a first-come, first-served basis, except for Stonehaven. Please contact the Stonehaven RSO to reserve a parking permit for Stonehaven.View monthly rate.

Permits are available on Move-In Day at your respective community.

Housing parking spaces are limited and based on availability. Please make sure you have a parking permit before bringing your car to campus. Parking permit fees are billed quarterly to R'Web, your student business account.

UCR Campus Apartment permits are:

  • Valid in a designated residential community
  • Valid in non-reserved spaces anywhere on campus after 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on weekends

Permits can be requested online through TAPS. Each individual unit is eligible to receive two permits. Oban Family Housing Parking Permits are only valid in the Oban Family Housing community. View monthly rate.

Family Housing permits are:

  • Valid in Oban Family Housing spaces only

If you’re using a motorcycle, moped or scooter (motorized bikes) on campus, you must purchase a Motorcycle Permit from TAPS in person. Motorized bikes may not be parked or stored on sidewalks, patios, decks or in any building. View monthly cost.

Motorcycle Permits are:

  • Valid in designated motorcycle spaces
  • Valid in any other parking space

Bike on Campus

We welcome your bike with open bike lanes, storage and free bicycle license registration. Stop by Transportation & Parking Services, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m., to register and license your bike.  Learn more about bicycling at UCR.

Every community offers bike racks and/or bike storage. Check with your RSO for specific locations.

Pedals Bike Shop and "Do-It-Yourself" Repair Station

Located in Parking Lot 19
Contact TAPS for current hours

Stop by Pedals Bike Shop for:

  • Parts and accessories for your bike, scooter or skateboard.
  • Bike repairs at a discount price.
  • Advice on how to do self-repairs
  • Bike safety brochures

Keep Your Bike Safe 

Follow these tips to prevent bicycle theft and to increase your chances of getting it back if stolen:

  • Keep a record of the make, model, serial number and value of your bicycle.
  • Register your bike and its identifiers with TAPS so it's easier to find if stolen.
  • Use a basic bicycle on campus. Expensive, attractive bikes are targets for theft.
  • Park your bicycle at bike pods or racks located in well-lit areas.
  • Lock your bike using a steel “U”-shaped lock.
  • Place the lock through the bicycle frame, through a wheel, and through the bike rack (99% effective when used properly).
  • If you have quick-release wheels, remove the front wheel and place it next to the rear wheel, then secure. Place the key mechanism for the lock facing the ground.
  • Every community offers bike racks and/or bike storage. Check with your RSO for specific locations.
  • Learn more about bicycling at UCR.

Use Alternative Transportation

Ride RTA Buses for Free

Get around town without badgering your roommate for a ride. A valid R’Card is your ticket to free transportation on any Riverside Transit Agency bus. Several bus stops are located on or near campus. View RTA bus route schedules.

Join Zipcar

Sign up for Zipcar and get access to four fuel-efficient, car-sharing vehicles. Zipcars are available 24/7 and are located in reserved spaces on campus. As a UCR student, receive a discounted membership. Join Zipcar and zoom. 

Mobility ImpairedMobility Impaired Residents

If you have a temporary or permanent disability, get a lift anywhere on campus for free. Mobility Transport Services can pick you up from your on-campus residence and give you a ride to class.
Schedule a pick-up.

Report TheftReport Theft & Vandalism

Please report any theft or vandalism that occurs in housing parking lots to UCR Police immediately at (951) 827-5222.

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