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The Fall 2021 Experience

The campus instructional goal for Fall Quarter has been announced as 80 percent in-person classes.

Details about the specific “look” of campus living for Fall will continue to be shaped this summer by COVID-19 community infection and vaccination rates, and the associated public health guidance.  But we WILL be open and we will continue to provide the best resources and living configurations to ensure a safe living experience, as we have successfully done throughout the pandemic.

Please bookmark this page and check back often. We will keep it refreshed with the latest updates and details about what you can expect from your UCR living experience this Fall.


Is campus housing open for Fall 2021?

Yes! All on-campus housing communities and our residential restaurants will be open at near normal capacities beginning with Fall Quarter 2021.


Is campus housing guaranteed for Fall 2021?

We are unable to specifically guarantee campus housing for Fall 2021 because the world is currently in a transition period. Pandemic conditions and public health guidelines remain highly changeable.

That being said, we have added a brand new 800-bed residence hall and a 1500-bed campus apartment to our campus housing portfolio and we do not foresee a shortage of housing for those who submit housing applications and contracts early. Early submissions also increase opportunities to secure personal preferences.


Will I have roommates in campus housing?

It depends…on what type of housing you choose and what occupancy arrangement you request. We will only offer the types of occupancy configurations that have been deemed safe by public health officials, which has kept our campus housing communities highly safe throughout the past year.

In the residence halls, students will live primarily in Double Occupancy rooms with one other roommate. A very limited number of Single Occupancy rooms are available with no roommate and at a slightly higher cost. If you live in a Triple Occupancy room, you will have two other roommates and a discounted rate. (Note:  For Fall Quarter 2021, Triple Occupancy rooms may only have two total students living in them at a Double Occupancy rate. However, a third roommate may be added when public health guidelines permit and there is student demand. The room rate would then be discounted appropriately.)

In the campus apartments, you will have the opportunity on your application to choose the community (e.g. Glen Mor), apartment style (e.g. 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath), and bedroom occupancy (i.e. single or double) that you prefer.  But preferences disappear quickly. So submit your application early!

In Family Housing, you and your family will be eligible for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment home based on the size and composition of your family.  But submit your application as soon as possible after being admitted to the University.  Wait times for Family Housing will exceed one year in length.


How will living on campus still be the “college experience” it once was prior to COVID-19?

Our Residential Life team is committed to providing nearly all of the services in the same ways we always have. We have staff members on site who can be reached for assistance 24/7. We work hard to provide engaging and safe activities for students to develop socially and academically. And as always, we will be reaching out to offer support, mentorship, and food for thought.

Every cohort of college students has their own unique “college experience” that is shaped by the issues of their times. There can be no doubt that COVID-19 is a part of your college experience. However, living on campus will provide you the opportunity to have an experience that will be different than if you stayed at home. First, living on campus gives you the opportunity to live independently, but with a safety net. Second, you will be able to focus on your studies and homework without other obligations and distractions. Lastly, you will be in a place where you can develop relationships, explore ideas, and grow with other college students who are having the same “college experience” as you. With the expected return to a mostly in-person environment, the 2021-22 academic year promises to be an exciting time as we begin to re-claim “normalcy”!


What kinds of opportunities will residents have to socialize while living on campus?

While wearing masks and following capacity guidelines, you can expect to have the opportunity to engage with other residents in-person in meaningful ways. These will include “icebreaker” events to get to know each other, discussing classes and the news of the day, outdoor physical activities, and social events like arts and crafts and movie nights. Building meaningful and lifelong friendships is truly one of the greatest benefits of living on campus. Expect to enjoy a fun, mostly in-person programming schedule similar to those enjoyed by residents pre-pandemic.  You and your experience are our priority!


Will dining facilities and markets be open for Fall Quarter?

Yes. A large number of dining facilities and markets will be open to ensure that students have a variety of food choices. Seating options in dining facilities will be based on Riverside County public health orders. Entry into facilities may be controlled to limit crowds. Hand sanitizing dispensers are placed at the entrance of all dining facilities and markets. Physical distancing aids may be placed at food platform queue lines and facility entry points to avoid congestion, if necessary. All payments will move to cashless transactions for reduced contact at point of sale for students and employees.


Will mobile ordering be available for Fall Quarter?

For added convenience and to help limit crowds, some dining venues will utilize a mobile ordering application, which you can download here: (Apple) (Android)


Will students need to be vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 as part of move-in?

At the very least, students will need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within a specific prescribed timeframe prior to their campus housing move-in. However, it is also very likely that vaccinations will be mandated for campus housing residents. Therefore, students planning to live on campus should take advantage of opportunities to be vaccinated for COVID-19 as soon as they are able. More information about our testing and vaccination policies for Fall Quarter will be forthcoming. Please check our website often for updates.


Is there enough bandwidth for me to take my classes from my room?

Yes. Residential networks, both hard wired and Wi-Fi will allow residents to access classes remotely from their rooms. In most cases, students find connectivity speeds much better than they are able to attain at home!


Is there off-campus housing available near UCR?

Yes. But please remember that off-campus housing, including private apartments and houses, is not owned or managed by the University. Because the University cannot influence the actions of private apartment and housing landlords, it is critical that you understand all details of any contract or lease you sign, including the cancellation policy. Unfortunately, in many cases off-campus properties were unable to be as flexible as students would have preferred during the pandemic.


What other resources are available to me?

Any student who is experiencing challenges related to their basic needs — access to nutritious food, stable housing and financial wellness resources — should email or visit the UCR Basic Needs website at


When can students submit campus housing applications or contracts?

Our residence halls are open to First Time Freshman, First Time Transfer and Continuing UCR students, as well as returning residents. First Time Freshmen are ONLY eligible to live in the residence halls. The 2021-22 Residence Hall Contract has been available since March 1, and continues to be available. Students who submit a Residence Hall Contract and fees by May 10 will have the first opportunity to self-select their room and roommate this summer. Although there is no housing guarantee for the 2021-22 academic year, we expect to have plenty of residence hall housing available for Fall. Submit your contract early to increase your odds of securing a space and of attaining personal preferences.

Our campus apartment communities are open to all Transfer, Graduate, and Continuing UCR students. Applications for our campus apartments are accepted year round. Campus apartment contracts are offered spaces on a first-come, first-served basis according to your application submission date. With the addition of the all-new 1500-bed North District apartments, we expect to have plenty of campus apartment space for Fall. However, certain apartment styles and occupancy configurations will be in high demand. Submit your campus apartment application as early as possible to increase your opportunity of attaining your personal preferences.

Family housing is open to all levels of UCR students that have partners and/or dependents. Applications for the Oban Family Housing waiting list are accepted from Admitted UCR students on a year round basis. You are encouraged to submit your application promptly after being admitted to the University because the wait time for a family housing apartment home will exceed one year.


When is room selection for the Residence Halls?

For students with a Residence Hall Contract, the room and roommate self-selection process will open in late June. All students who have submitted a 2021-22 Residence Hall Contract will be updated regarding this process by UCR student email. Once the scheduled self-selection process is complete, all remaining assignments will be completed by trained Housing Services staff utilizing your contract preferences as much as possible.


Will canceling my 2020-21 campus housing contract impact my financial aid?

If a student cancels their 2020-2021 housing contract and is on financial aid, this could result in a reduction to the cost of attendance and a likely reduction to your financial aid. Please visit the Financial Aid website for more information.


Can I cancel my 2021-22 campus housing contract? Is there a penalty to cancel my contract? What is the deadline to cancel my contract?

Your campus housing contract is for the entire 2021-22 academic year — Fall, Winter & Spring quarters. If you would like to cancel your residency, you should log in to the MyHousing portal and submit a 2021-2022 Contract Cancellation request to cancel your entire 2021-22 contract.

Fees and penalties may apply. It is important that you consult the terms and conditions of your campus housing contract for more specific information.

If you submit a paid contract and campus housing must be limited by pandemic conditions in such a way that we are unable to offer you a housing space, rest assured that all pre-paid housing fees will be refunded in full.