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Gender-Inclusive Housing

Gender-Inclusive Housing

UCR’s gender-inclusive housing options affirm the diversity and complexity of student gender identities and relationships by providing an opportunity to consenting students for roommate pairings and room assignments without regard to a student’s sex or gender identity.

As with all campus housing residents, students living in a gender-inclusive housing arrangement are encouraged to participate in all of the typical community programming offered by our Residential Life team. Additionally, the LGBT Resource Center is an excellent resource for support, education, and advocacy regarding gender identity/expression for the UCR community and beyond.

Residence Halls

UCR’s residence halls are both traditional and suite-style, and are home to all levels of undergraduate students, including 75% of UCR’s first year students.

Our traditional-style residence halls consist of long hallways with approximately 20 double- and triple-occupancy rooms lining both sides, along with three gender-inclusive restrooms with private toilet and shower rooms, and a community lounge.

Our suite-style residence halls are arranged in small pods of 3-4 double- and triple-occupancy rooms whose students share a single-occupancy bathroom and shower room, small living area, and kitchenette.

The Gender-Inclusive Housing Option is a community dedicated to same-gender, opposite-gender, and other gender-identity roommate pairings. Community options are located in our traditional-style Dundee Residence Hall and also our suite-style Pentland Hills Residence Halls.  Students living in the Gender-Inclusive Housing Option can enjoy all of the traditional social and educational programming offered by our Residential Life team to all residence hall students. However, no additional gender-inclusive programming is offered on this hall.

Stonewall Hall is a dedicated community that celebrates and welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual students, and their allies. Stonewall Hall is located in our suite-style Pentland Hills Residence Hall and includes intentional, community-specific programming by our Residential Life team, campus departments, and student groups.

You can request to live in the Gender-Inclusive Housing Option or Stonewall Hall by selecting either option while completing your Residence Hall Contract.

Campus Apartments

Transfer and Continuing UCR students (second-year and beyond) are eligible to live in one of UCR’s six different campus apartment communities, including Bannockburn Village, Falkirk, Glen Mor, North District, Stonehaven, or The Plaza. Gender-inclusive apartment assignments can be arranged upon request for any consenting roommate pairings* regardless of sex or gender-identity.

You can request a gender-inclusive housing assignment in our UCR campus apartments by making a note in the Special Considerations question on your Campus Apartment Application

*Please note that all campus apartment roommates must consent to a gender-inclusive housing assignment and the consenting roommate group must fill the requested apartment to full capacity (e.g. a 2-bedroom apartment would need to have a minimum of one student per bedroom).

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Residential Life Contact:

Kelsey Shook
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