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Request a Repair

We Fix It

Leaky faucet? Don’t try fixing it yourself! We provide service repairs to your residence and community. Submit a request 24/7 and relax.

Submitting a Service Request

If something in your residence malfunctions or breaks, or if you notice something is out of order on the property, please submit a service request. Most repairs are completed free of charge. Ask Resident Services Office staff whether or not you may be charged for a particular repair. Service requests are usually completed within 48 hours, depending on availability of materials.

What Services Are Available

  • Services for Which We Provide Assistance

    We provide assistance for the following Service Requests:

    • Heating and air conditioning
    • Water leaks
    • Burned-out light bulbs
    • Malfunctioning toilets
    • Garbage disposals
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Lock & key issues
    • and many others
  • Services for Which We Do NOT Provide Assistance

    We do not provide assistance for the following:

    • Curtain Rods
    • Mini blind valances
    • Additional window coverings
    • Additional bedroom doors
    • Additional locks and/or security devices
    • Additional lighting

    Please refrain from installing any of these items in your residence.

  • Health and Safety During Service Requests

    Facilities Services' staff is here to help maintain your living space. In an effort to work safely, we want to partner together by taking the following steps:

    To prepare for a maintenance visit, UCR residents should do the following:

    1. Clean the requested service area
    2. Practice social distancing (six feet)
    3. Wear a face mask or covering
    4. Step out of the area if six-feet of distance is not available

    While in your living space, Facilities Services staff will do the following:

    1. Wear gloves and a face cover
    2. Show name badge and service request
    3. Step out of the area if social distancing is not available
    4. Wipe their shoes and/or wear shoe covers
    5. Practice social distancing (or step out of the area if social distancing is not available)
    6. Confirm when the service request is complete.

    Download the Facilities Safety Flyer

Have an Emergency?

Contractor making a repair

Contact the RSO or the RA On-Duty if it is a health or safety emergency, or if it will escalate damage to property. Maintenance staff is available 24 hours a day to conduct repairs.

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