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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Am I allowed to have pets?

    Pets ARE NOT permitted, except fish in a 20 gallon or less aquarium. Breach of this provision will result in a non-negotiable fee for fumigation services in addition to any appropriate cleaning or repair charges deemed necessary. Keeping a pet is grounds for immediate eviction.

  • Are laundry services available?

    All laundry services at UC Riverside are paid for through the WASH-Connect app.  The app allows the user to find available machines, pay for washes, and get notified when the laundry is done, all within the secure app.  Follow the directions below to get started. Laundry costs per load are $1.75 to wash and $0.75 to dry.

    * Payments on the app can only be made through credit/debit cards.


  • Are there any special hazards I should know about?

    For most residents, the answer is no. However, there are exceptions.

    Bannockburn Village has asbestos content in ceiling and wall materials. Fortunately, the health hazard is low unless this material is disturbed. Residents must not puncture or disturb interior walls or ceilings (for example, to hang lights, plants or pictures), or vacuum ceiling material particles. For more detailed information about asbestos at Bannockburn Village

    We have mitigated the health risks by replacing windows and other materials, properly maintaining paint surfaces, and encapsulating many wood surfaces. The EPA website offers more information about living with lead paint.

    If you have any questions about asbestos or lead paint, contact your Resident Services Office at (951) 827-5723

  • Can I change my Dining Plan throughout the year?

    The Dining Plan selected is for the entire academic year. Changes are permitted during the first two weeks of the academic year only. A Dining Plan Change Request Form needs to be completed and all instructions for documentation followed. Submit a Dining Plan Change Request Form at your respective RSO. Please allow two weeks for your request to be processed.

  • Can I pick my own roommate?

    Yes. If you know the name of another student who you would like to room with, you may enter their name(s) in the appropriate space of your online contract or application. In order to be placed with that roommate, the roommate you have chosen will also need to submit an online contract or application and enter your name in the appropriate space.

    If you meet someone you would like to room with after you have already submitted your online contract or application, you can log back in to edit it or you may email Housing Services to let us know the roommate’s full name. Again, your chosen roommate will need to do the same.

    Roommate requests cannot be honored unless both students request each other in writing.

  • How safe is the on-campus community?

    While it is impossible for anyone to guarantee safety and security anywhere, Housing Services has implemented many programs to help ensure students’ safety and demonstrate our commitment to students’ well-being. Pedestrian traffic is limited in the Residence Halls by student key/card access and limited-access parking lots. Most common areas and passageways are outfitted with surveillance security cameras. Emergency-response phones are located in all Residence Hall communities. The university also has a police department that monitors the campus, including housing facilities. Learn more about our safety measures

  • Is on-campus housing guaranteed?

    Available campus housing will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Campus Apartment applications are accepted year round for non-Freshman university students. The Residence Hall Contract is available for all student levels beginning March 1.

  • What are the Housing deadlines for fall quarter?

    Available campus housing will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Campus Apartment applications are accepted year round for non-Freshman university students. The Residence Hall Contract is available for all student levels beginning March 1.

  • Where do I find my NetID and Password?

    Your NetID is issued after submitting a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) with UCR. This NetID will be available when you log in to MyUCR 1-3 days after your SIR is received by UCR.

    Your Password is issued by the Admissions Office once you are admitted to the University. Passwords are required for many Web transactions. The Password is used throughout your undergraduate career to verify access to a variety of data, such as grades and confirmations.

  • Why would a student want to live on-campus vs. commute?


    • No cooking, cleaning, shopping or real need for transportation
    • Proximity to resources, both in the campus housing communities and campus


    • More than 1,000 educational, cultural, social and recreational activities annually
    • On-site tutoring and counseling
    • 24-hour emergency assistance for both maintenance and personal challenges


    • Restricted access to all Residence Hall living areas
    • Security cameras
    • On-site Community Service Officer patrols
    • UCR Police patrols


    • Students who live on campus perform better academically and are happier in general with their college experience than those who live off campus or commute.


    • Residents are eligible for more housing aid (as part of their Financial Aid Package) than those who live off-campus or commute.

    See more reasons why students live on campus.

Residence Halls

  • How do I choose a Dining Plan?

    You must make your Dining Plan selection as part of your online contract. When choosing a Dining Plan, consider your current eating habits. For instance, if you do not eat breakfast now, you are not likely to eat breakfast with any regularity in the Residence Halls. You may change your Dining Plan selection during the first two weeks of the Academic Year, if necessary, by submitting a change at your Resident Services Office

  • How do I contract to live in the Residence Halls?

    Beginning March 1, the Residence Hall Contract is available online for fall quarter. All admitted students who Submit Intent to Register (SIR) with UCR may submit a contract using their NetID and Password as issued by UCR.

    Please note: It usually takes 1-3 days for a NetID to be issued after a student submits their SIR.

Family Housing

  • Am I allowed to have pets?

    No. No pets are allowed at Oban Family Housing, with the exception of service animals, pets in cages (birds and small rodents) and fish in an aquarium (20-gallon maximum). If other pets — dogs, cats, etc. — are discovered in a unit at any time during residency, residents will be asked to remove them and may themselves be subject to legal eviction.