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6,000 People Making Progress

Unite with staff and 6,000 residents to further efforts on energy utilization, recycling, conservation and on choosing sustainable alternatives.


Explore How We Live, Learn & Work

  • Reducing Water Usage

    Reduced-flow showerheads are installed in all facilities, and “waterless urinals” are installed in some public restrooms -  saving 270,000 gallons of water annually. Retrofitted walk-in freezers and coolers save 9,000 gallons a week.

  • ENERGY STAR Appliances

    Housing units and kitchens are equipped with ENERGY STAR certified appliances. ENERGY STAR appliances reduce water waste and are energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.

  • Trayless Dining & Proper Meal Portions

    UCR’s Residential Restaurants serve properly-portioned meals and do not use trays. This enables the restaurants to save water, save energy, reduce food waste, and lower dependency on cleansers.

  • Saving Hundreds of Thousands of Plastic Bottles

    “Hydration Stations” found in Residence Halls allow residents to refill reusable water bottles, cutting out the need for single-use plastics.

  • Public Transportation

    For getting around the city, students can ride Riverside Transit Agency buses for free by presenting their UCR student ID.

  • Cans, Glass, Paper

    Recycling is available in common areas of Residence Halls and UCR Campus Apartments.

  • Lighting Fixtures

    All housing facilities have compact fluorescent light bulbs and energy-saving fluorescent light fixtures.

  • "Green," Green Landscapes

    We use climate-appropriate plants and a wireless irrigation system to maximize the efficiency of the landscape-watering program.

Meet Us Halfway

Small changes make a big difference. Choose a few of these alternatives and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainability Across Campus

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 Focusing on nine interconnected areas with aggressive initiatives, see how UC Riverside is working toward everyone’s sustainable future.