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Computers & Gaming

Keeping You Connected

Computer access, for coursework and communication, is essential during college. Res Tech provides information technology, computer and gaming services.


Get Connected

  • Wi-Fi
    1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device. Windows: Click on the Wireless Bars on your task bar. This will bring up the wireless network selection box. Mac OS: Go to System Preferences, click on Network, then select Wi-Fi. iOS/Android: Go to Settings and navigate to the Wi-Fi option.
    2. Choose "UCR-Secure". You may need to scroll through a long list of networks to find it. 
    3. Log in via the pop-up window. Enter your UCR NetID and Password and click Continue. You should now have access to the network. You may be prompted to accept the new UCR wireless certificate. Android: Enter the following information: EAP: PEAP. EAP Phase 2: Automatic CA Certificate: Do not check.

    Disclaimer: Devices that are unable to support 802.1x Authentication and Enterprise networks will be unable to be used on UCR-Secure. Common devices that are unable to support such authentication are Smart TVs, Google Home, and Amazon Echo.

    device support details

  • Ethernet
    1. Connect ethernet cable. Turn your computer off. Connect your Ethernet cable to your computer. If you need a cable, the RSO can provide one for a small fee.
    2. Turn on your computer and open your web browser. If your browser doesn’t automatically display our registration page, then go to Get Online.
    3. Register your computer. Follow the instructions on the registration page, enter your UCR NetID and Password and click Continue. If successful.
    4. Reboot your computer. If you are connecting a gaming console, follow the additional steps on the pdf on the registration page.
  • Ethernet Not Working?

    If you have difficulty connecting via Ethernet, we can assist you, but we will need you to provide us with your MAC address. The MAC address (aka “physical address”) is a unique ID for your device consisting of 6 pairs of numbers and/or letters. A typical MAC address might be: 00-05-9A-3C-14-29. To determine your MAC address, attach your Ethernet cable and follow these steps:


    1. Go to the Start menu, enter cmd and hit Return.
    2. A black box appears. Type ipconfig /all and hit Enter.
    3. Information will come up. You are looking for Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection.
    4. In this section, look for Physical Address (six two-digit alphanumeric characters).


    1. Go to the Apple menu and select About This Mac.
    2. Click on System Report in the main window.
    3. In the left-hand column, scroll down and click on Network.
    4. Click on Locations, and scroll down to Ethernet. The “Hardware (MAC) Address” should be the third item listed.

    Need Help?

    Priority will be given to residents with computer issues, over gaming devices and other entertainment gear.

Find a Computer Lab

Res Tech has seven computer labs serving the Residence Halls and Campus Apartments. The labs are open 24/7* for the residents of those facilities. Each lab features a printer and computers running Microsoft Windows 10 and Office 2016.

Computer Lab Location: Computers: Printers:
Aberdeen-Inverness 7 2
Bannockburn Village 10 1
Dundee 4 1
Glen Mor 13 2
Lothian 10 2
Pentland Hills 16 2
The Plaza 4 1


Cost To Print
(1) Single Page = 3 cents
(1) Double Sided = 4 cents

*Please note: Some labs may be closed during holiday breaks.


Get Security Tips

Get Security Tips

Learn how to beef up the security on your computer. We have assembled a guide to help you steer clear of viruses, worms and more. Visit Computing & Communications for tips on Security @ UCR.

Contact Res Tech

Phone: (951) 827-6546

Gaming Lounges and Printing Quota

  • Sign In And Play Your Favorite Games

    Sign in and play on any of the major platforms such as Riot Games,, Steam, and Epic Games

    Riot Games

    • League of Legends
    • Teamfight Tactics
    • Valorant

    • Call of Duty
    • Overwatch
    • Warcraft
    • Heroes of the Storm


    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    • DOTA 2
    • PUBG: Battlegrounds
    • Apex Legends
    • Smite: Battleground of the Gods

    Epic Games

    • Fortnite
    • Rocket League
    • Fall Guys
    • Genshin Impact

  • Hours & Location

    The Escape Gaming Lounge

    Featuring 20 computers and more than two dozen game titles, The Escape is our full-time gaming lounge. Access is available 24/7 to the residents of Aberdeen-Inverness, Lothian, Pentland Hills and Glen Mor.

    The Escape

    Pentland Hills E-112


    Monday - Sunday
    Open 24 hours

    Invader Zone Gaming Lounge

    The Invader Zone is a full-time gaming lounge featuring 20 computers with today’s most popular games – including PVP capabilities. Also available, is a 60” TV with HDMI and VGA connections to connect game consoles. Access is available 24/7 to the residents of Glen Mor.

    Gaming Lounge

    Glen Mor C-104


    Monday - Sunday 
    Open 24 hours

  • Printing Quota

    Printing Quota

    Residents who have computer labs in their community are given a Print Quota account balance for the academic year. The Print Quota account balance starts with $12, equivalent to 400 pages of printing. This Print Quota will only work in residential computer labs. Any unused quota will be forfeited at the end of the academic year.


    Printer Quota

    Purchase Printing Quota

    Additional quota can be purchased by emailing ResTech at Printing quota may be purchased in increments of $1.00. Any unused quota will be forfeited at the end of the academic year.


    Printer Assistance

    Password Assistance

    If you find that you cannot log into the Res Tech computers or PaperCut, our print management software, try changing your NetID password.