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The Online Housing Service Center

Complete housing errands — such as paying rent and submitting a maintenance request — from the convenience of your computer.


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Resident Services Office

Stop by the Resident Services Office (RSO) for equipment checkout, directions, parking permits, campus information and general assistance.

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Permits and Information

Housing parking permits are available for Campus Apartment Residents on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternative transportation is available for free or at a low cost.

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Roommate Resources

Your roommate’s quirks, habits and schedule might be annoying you. Communicate before it escalates.


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Res Tech

Is a computer or printer down in one of the computer labs? Res Tech offers computer lab support and free-of-charge computer repair.

Res Tech Support

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Terms and Conditions

Simply moving out and returning your keys does not release you from your Housing Contract. Learn about your rights and responsibilities.

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Wash-Connect App Store

All laundry services at UC Riverside are paid for through the WASH-Connect app.  The app allows the user to find available machines, pay for washes, and get notified when the laundry is done, all within the secure app.  Follow the directions below to get started.

* Payments on the app can only be made through credit/debit cards. Laundry costs per load are $1.75 to wash and $0.75 to dry.


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Find Housing Near Campus

If you are in need of immediate or short-term housing, use our Off-Campus Housing page, a resource for UCR students and affiliates to search local listings.

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Resident Safety

Mental Health & Emotional Support