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Health & Wellness

Healthy You. Healthy Community.

Keeping your mind and body strong is important, especially when you have a rigorous college schedule. Find resources and support to improve, maintain or restore your health.


5 Tips to Conquer College

Lack of sleep will catch up with you – we’ve all been there. Try creating a sleep schedule where you go to bed around the same time each night and awaken around the same time each morning.

Don’t study too much for too long. It’s a great way to lose focus and make you want to stop studying. Incorporate breaks into your studying to be more efficient in your learning.

There is life beyond school and work. Don’t isolate yourself. A huge part of college is having fun and socializing. Make time to be with the people who are important to you.

If your desk looks like a trash can has spilled across it, chances are you won’t be able to get much studying done. Tailor a work environment so that you can perform at maximum capacity.

Coffee, energy drinks and potato chips – oh my. Eating healthy can seem difficult when you are constantly on the go. Try replacing caffeine with water, and chips and other processed snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Campus Residents & COVID-19

    Here’s what to expect when a student resident tests positive for COVID-19 while living in on-campus housing.


  • Illness

    Student Health Services

    Campus Health Center

    We can't all be flu-proof. When you catch a cold, feel run-down or sustain an injury, find treatment to recover. Our Campus Health Center provides basic medical treatment, along with preventative care, prescription drugs, laboratory and women's health services. If you are ill, you can walk in or schedule an appointment.

  • Mental Well-Being

    Counseling Center

    You deserve to enjoy life. If you are in a depressed mood that won’t seem to lift, or are feeling distressed, we will help. Free, confidential counseling is offered at the Counseling Center, along with couples counseling, group therapy and psychiatric services. Walk-ins are welcome or schedule a wait-free appointment.

    Explore UCR and local emergency-assistance resources. 

    Support in a Crisis

    You don’t have to go through hard times alone. UCR has a case manager, a trained staff member to coordinate services and locate resources on your behalf. Services and resources include finding appropriate medical, psychological, social and psychiatric help for you. Contact the Case Manager.

    Take a Self-Assessment

    Depression, stress and anxiety can come on suddenly. The severity and length may vary. If you are unsure whether or not you are dealing with a serious mental health issue, take an anonymous self-assessment. Results can help you identify symptoms and direct you to appropriate resources.

  • 24-Hour Hotline

    After-hours, mental health therapists are available for crisis counseling and consultation by phone at (951) 827-5531, (951) UCR-TALK or 2-TALK from campus phones, 24 hours a day.

  • Your Fitness

    Rev Up Your Fitness

    Put your body in motion and make your heart smile. Take advantage of fitness centers, recreation fields, courts, swimming pools, equipment and wellness programs available in your community.  

    On-site fitness centers are located at:
    • Aberdeen-Inverness
    • Dundee
    • Glen Mor
    • Lothian
    • North District
    • Pentland Hills
    Recreational courts/fields are located at:
    • Pentland Hills
    • Glen Mor
    • Oban Family Housing
    • Stonehaven
    Pools and/or spas are located at:
    • Bannockburn Village
    • Falkirk
    • Oban Family Housing
    • Glen Mor
    • The Plaza
    • Stonehaven

    Equipment Check-Out

    Athletic, maintenance and other equipment is available for loan from the Resident Services Office (RSO).

    Intramural Sports

    Calling all athletes – aspiring, amateur and pro – Intramural Sports is waiting for you to bring your “A” game. Get a team going with roommates, hallmates, your Resident Advisor (RA), Program Advisor (PA) or all of the above. Talk with your RA or PA to get started.

Wellness Resources

If you are in need of immediate assistance, contact the RA On-Duty or the Resident Director. If immediate emergency service is required, call 9-1-1.

UCR Emergency
UCR Police (non-emergency)
(951) 827-5222
Campus Health Center
(951) 827-3031
Case Manager
(951) 827-9354
Counseling Center 24-hour line
(951) 827-TALK
Campus Safety Escort Service
(951) 827-3772
Dean of Students
(951) 827-6095
Domestic Violence
(800) 339-7233
LGBT Resource Center
(951) 827-2267
Poison Control Center
(800) 876-4766
Sexual Assault/ Harassment Resources
(951) 827-7070
Suicide Helpline
(951) UCR-TALK (827-8255)
The Well
(951) 827-9355
Women's Resource Center
(951) 827-3337

Emergency Medical Information

Emergency Medical Information, medical cross

 Emergency Medical Information is confidential and requests information necessary to know in an emergency, such as use of prescription medications and medical history. Submit this information with your contract. To update information, contact your Resident Services Office.

Family Housing

If you are expecting a new addition to your family, be sure to notify the Resident Services Office when your baby has arrived.