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Off-Campus Housing

Find Housing Near UC Riverside


Off-Campus Housing Resources

Housing in the community surrounding UCR offers students, faculty and staff a vast array of apartment and home rental opportunities in a variety of price ranges. The following housing resources can help you get started with your search for accommodations or roommates. They can also help with advertising your own apartment complex or rental home.

If you are looking for a student roommate or if you have only a portion of a home available for rent, the following resources may be helpful:

Off-Campus Housing Listing Service

Because we are unable to accommodate all students, we provide the UCR Housing Off-Campus Housing listing service, a tool to access housing options near campus. Use the tool to perform basic and advanced searches, including by date, price, housing type and personal preferences.

Use the program to search/submit

UCR's Highlander Student Newspaper
Phone: (951) 827-3457
Text only advertisements

Press–Enterprise Newspaper
Phone: (800) 514-7253
This large Inland Empire newspaper can be contacted for more information about a wide array of online and print advertising options.

Real Estate Services
UCR provides rental and mortgage services for eligible faculty and staff. Rentals are university-owned and located in proximity to campus. Mortgage services offer specialized loan rates.

Furniture Rentals
CORT provides furniture rental packages for students living off-campus. 



Be A Good Neighbor

UCR is dedicated to partnering with our neighbors to benefit everyone in our community. Learn the secrets to avoiding, resolving & reporting incidents.

Off-Campus Housing Disclaimer
Although care has been taken to identify reputable and widely-used online listing resources, UCR Housing Services does not investigate, endorse or guarantee the tenantability of any listings or referrals, the suitability of those responding at the listed sites, or any other search results. Users are strongly encouraged to investigate potential accommodations and interview potential roommates personally.

Average Off-Campus Apartment Rates

Room Type Room Price
1 Bedroom $1,806/month
2 Bedroom/ 1 Bath $2,104/month
2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath $2,193/month
Studio $1,430/month

Data compiled July, 2022. Apartments utilized for this survey were selected based on their proximity to campus, high student resident ratio, and the similarity of amenities to those offered on campus.