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Sharing Common Ground

This might be your first time having to share a living space with another person. Find tips on how to maintain and improve your roommate relationship.


Room with Civility - Four Basic Rules

If you share your feelings and reactions in some of the following situations, you will be ahead of the game in understanding and empathizing with each other during the ups and downs of college life. Remember: Consideration, communication and compromise are essential to developing a good relationship with your roommate(s).

Share Responsibilities, young man with cleaning supplies

It is important for roommates to contribute to their living environment.

Take turns:

  • Making sure the room is secure. Lock your room door whenever you leave.
  • Cleaning the room, vacuuming, making beds, emptying trash and picking up/tidying the space, etc.
  • Telephone usage: While you and your roommate(s) will be billed individually for the calls you make, you will share the same number.
Understand Each Other, hands holding each other

Know how your roommate(s) “feel” in certain situations.

Topics to discuss:

  • When you are under pressure, you react by...
  • You become easily annoyed when...
  • When you are depressed, you act like...
  • Some things that make you tense are...
  • When you would rather be alone, you...
  • When angry, you let people know by...
  • When you meet new people, you act like...
  • When you are down, you cheer up by...
Lifestyle / Hours, Clock with Zs

Take into consideration each other's lifestyle to prevent frustration.

Topics to discuss:

  • Socializing and how often?
  • What hours and days will be set aside for study time?
  • Is low background music allowed while studying?
  • What time do you expect to go to sleep?
  • What time do you expect to get up most mornings?
  • Do you take naps? If yes, when?
Agree on Guests

It is critical that you and your roommate(s) come to some agreement concerning visitors.

Topics to discuss:

  • Decide what time is best for guest visits.
  • Acknowledging that you are responsible for your guest(s) behavior.
  • Guests should not be allowed to stay overnight in your room if your roommate(s) don't agree.


Concerned About a Roommate?

Is your roommate’s behavior beginning to worry you? Perhaps they are displaying signs of out-of-character behavior, depression or drug abuse. You might be the closest person to them who is capable of evaluating the situation closely – and objectively. Don’t wait for the problem to escalate Contact Residential Life staff

Requesting a Room Change

If your room change request is based on your relationship with your roommates or hall-mates, you may be asked to have a consultation with your Resident Advisor or Resident Director. All other reasons will likely be handled directly by the RSO. If approved, the actual physical relocation will be communicated and coordinated by RSO. Room changes are not permitted during the first and last two weeks of any quarter. 

To begin the process speak to the Resident Services Office

Canceling a Housing Contract

All requests to cancel a Residence Hall, Campus Apartments, or Family Housing Contracts should be submitted through the MyHousing portal.

If approved, Campus Apartment relocations are communicated and coordinated by the Resident Assignments office, located in the Housing Services Administration Building.

*Room/apartment changes cannot be guaranteed and are not permitted without official approval of Housing Services. There is a $75 administrative fee for all room changes. Other damage and cleaning fees may apply, as well as penalties and disciplinary action for unauthorized room/apartment changes.

Roommate Agreement Form

Complete the Roommate Agreement form with your roommate(s) and Resident Advisor to establish ground rules for your living environment. 

Requesting a Roommate 

Residence Halls

Residence Halls

If you met someone during Highlander Orientation or know someone who will be attending UCR, you can specify a roommate on your Housing Contract. Otherwise, roommate assignments are based on the Housing Contract’s personal preferences section.


Campus Apartments

Stonehaven pool

Know a friend from class or from the Residence Halls? Requests can be made or are assigned in the personal preferences section on your Campus Apartment Application.