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Spring Quarter 2022

Free COVID-19 Antigen Test and Returning to Campus

You are required to receive a negative COVID test result within three (3) days PRIOR to returning to campus after Spring Break. Your Resident Services Office has a free COVID-19 antigen test kit for you to pick up before you leave to assist with completing your test requirement. Please report your negative test result prior to returning to campus in the Daily Wellness Survey.

If you receive a POSITIVE COVID-19 test result or develop any symptoms typically associated with the COVID-19 virus, please DO NOT return to campus. Please follow CDC Guidelines for Isolation and Quarantine.

When you return to campus, please continue to follow testing requirements:

  • FULLY Vaccinated Residence Hall Residents: Recommended 1x month or if exposed or symptoms
  • Unvaccinated Residence Hall AND Campus Apartment Residents: Test on campus 1x/week.
  • FULLY Vaccinated Campus Apartment or Family Housing Residents: Recommended 1x month or if exposed or symptoms.

For more information on testing requirements and where you can get tested on campus please visit the UCR Campus Return Website.