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UCR Campus Apartment Check-In

Friday, September 25, 2020

Greetings Highlanders! The big day is in sight and we are excited to welcome some of you back to campus and others of you to campus for the first time.  

Below we have outlined a safe return to campus that will hopefully help you transition smoothly to your new home away from home, as well as help your family feel more comfortable leaving you in our experienced hands. We are determined to create a successful Covid-19 college living experience. And since you are a Highlander, we know you want to be part of that model. Together we will lead UCR out of the Covid cloud and into sunnier times.

For the health and safety of the community, we are offering a contactless check-in experience this year. Please bring your UCR ID and the check-in pass with QR code you can print or access from the MyHousing portal. 

You will begin the check-in process in Lot 26. Once you have received your keys from Housing staff in Lot 26, please proceed to your community and move in to your assigned space. Identity verification is required for check-in.

Directions to Lot 26


First things first: download a copy of the UCR Campus Apartment Check-In Guide. It's everything you didn't know you didn't know.

Next, you must complete orientation and the UCR Daily Wellness Survey before we will release the keys to your apartment.

You must complete this orientation prior to your arrival, as it will make your Campus Apartment check-in more efficient. This orientation is designed to acquaint you with some basic opportunities, benefits and necessary rules of your new on-campus living arrangement.

Daily Symptom Monitoring

In preparation for your arrival to campus, you will be required to closely monitor and report how you are feeling for the 14 days prior to your selected move-in day. Please submit your health status online daily in the UCR Daily Wellness Survey. To be approved to check-in, you must complete and submit one survey each calendar day for the 14 days prior to your move-in date.

If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms as move-in day approaches, make the hard choice to stay home until your symptoms have disappeared for 72 continuous hours. Do not worry; your space will be waiting for you when you are feeling better. We appreciate you helping to keep our campus community safe and setting the right example for other students and campuses.

You are highly encouraged to take a Covid-19 test prior to your arrival. You can take your Covid-19 test at a site close to home. Alternatively, you can take your test at the UCR Campus at the Student Health Center (located adjacent to Lot 15) starting Monday, September 21 through Thursday, Sept. 24 (9:00am–4:00pm). For testing at UCR, be sure to:

  • Bring your Student ID Card
  • Bring a smart phone (optional)
  • Avoid eating, drinking or chewing gum for 30 minutes prior to testing.
  • Attain directions to the Student Health Center in advance

If you receive a positive Covid-19 test result, plan to stay home and monitor your symptoms until they have disappeared for 72 consecutive hours. You can contact Student Health Services for further health guidance at (951) 827-3031.


Arrive on time to avoid delays and to support our safe, physically distanced process

Don’t Leave Home Without These Items:

  1. Student ID Card
  2. Check-In Pass with QR Code for Contactless Check-In
  3. Face Mask(s)
  4. Hand Sanitizer

If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, it is critical that you note your condition honestly in the Daily Wellness Survey so that UCR Student Health Services can ensure that you have what you need to get well and that your condition does not have an adverse effect on the campus community. If needed, contact Student Health Services for guidance at (951) 827-3031. 


Staying Safe

  • All residents must track their wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day.
  • At least six feet of space must be kept between residents while in common spaces such as bathrooms, lounge areas, laundry rooms and in lines for food.
  • Face coverings are required when outside your room and outside your building.
  • Off-campus guests are not permitted within the on-campus communities or Residential Restaurants. Residents cannot visit residential communities outside of their own assigned Hall.
  • Only one person at a time in elevators.
  • Adhere to occupancy limits and physical distancing guidelines in communal spaces.
  • We advise that you NOT return to your permanent homes during the academic year. If you do return home, you must continue to track your wellness via the UCR Daily Wellness Survey each day, and make sure you’re healthy to return to campus.

If you do get sick while on campus, we are here for you. We’ve already set aside rooms for you and will take care of your basic needs while you get better and are cleared to return to your room. Given the changing nature of Covid-19, these policies could be strengthened or relaxed based on recommendations from campus, local and state health officials.

Remember, protecting yourself means protecting your fellow residents. Let’s all do our parts.