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Housing and Resident Life Student Organizations

The Residents’ Voice

Improve the quality of your living and learning experience by getting involved with your Resident Association.

Residence Halls Association

UCR RHA (Residence Halls Associations)

For the residents by the residents, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) ensures residents' needs are met, and advocates on behalf of students living in Glen Mor Campus Apartments, Pentland Hills, Lothian, Dundee, and Aberdeen-Inverness Residence Halls. RHA advises Housing Services in the development of Residence Hall policies, procedures, and facilities from the student's perspective. RHA is responsible for hosting large-scale programs and events for individuals living on campus. Our mission is to reach out to residents living across campus, and providing everyone with a safe, inclusive, and entertaining environment. We are passionate about what we do and are always looking for extra help, whether the help comes from joining councils within the Residence Halls or Campus Apartments, attending RHA meetings, or even approaching us personally and chatting. We are open to new ideas and are here to listen.

  • RHA serves as an avenue for student resident advocacy, leadership development, and resident generated programming for those within their communities.
  • RHA has weekly meetings within each council.
  • Each council is comprised of four chairs and senators with an elected student leader who is the Building President
  1. Chair of Programming
  2. Chair of Publicity
  3. Chair of Facilities
  4. Chair of Diversity and Inclusion

Additionally, there are four appointed Vice Presidents and an elected Executive President who recruit Assistants for Marketing, Spirit and Recognition, Technology, and Communications.

Campus Apartment Resident Association

UCR CARA (Campus Apartment Resident Association) logo

 The Campus Apartment Resident Association (CARA) is the coordinating organization for Bannockburn, Falkirk, Oban, Plaza, and Stonehaven governing bodies. Meetings are held regularly throughout the academic year.

  • Advises Housing Services in the development of policies, procedures, programs and facility improvements.
  • Creates community events and social opportunities.
  • Provides ongoing leadership opportunities and training.
  • Every Thursday and on some Saturdays, CARA hosts Board Games Night with a collection of 200+ board games!

National Residence Hall Honorary


The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) – Highlander Chapter – is an organization that is made up of the top 1% of student leaders in the Residence Halls to recognize outstanding contributions within student housing at UC Riverside. Residents may join through the "Of the Month" (OTM) Awards, induction or membership. NRHH recognizes individuals who:

  • Demonstrate outstanding service.
  • Show exceptional leadership.
  • Exhibit continued academic success.
  • Provide community service at UCR.
    1. These goals are demonstrated through community service projects, development and commitment to student leadership, focusing on recognition, and scholastics on the local, regional, and national levels. As an integral component of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, Incorporated (NACURH), the NRHH strives to recognize the top 1% of student leaders living in college and university housing at NACURH member schools.